OsmAnd+ MOD APK v4.6.8 [Premium Unlocked/Subscription]

OsmAnd+ MOD APK v4.6.8 [Premium Unlocked/Subscription]

IntroductionDiscover the freedom of exploration like never before with Osmand + Mod APK. Immerse yourself in the ultimate freedom to plan your routes according to the slopes and the recording of the G

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Price: $0
Name OsmAnd+
Publisher OsmAnd.
Genre Apps
Size 169 MB
Version v4.6.8
Update Thursday, July 11, 2024
OsmAnd+ is the most famous version in the OsmAnd+ series of publisher
Mod Version v4.6.8


Discover the freedom of exploration like never before with Osmand + Mod APK. Immerse yourself in the ultimate freedom to plan your routes according to the slopes and the recording of the GPX tracks, all without the need for an internet connection. With our cutting -edge technology, you can navigate effortlessly in any land, ensuring a transparent and exhilarating trip at each stage of the process. Say goodbye to the limits and hello to an unlimited world of exploration. Start your adventure today! OSMAND +: The open source revolutionary application that changes the game. Welcome to our revolutionary application which gives you control of your data like never before. Say goodbye to concerns about your personal information collected without your consent. With our application, we deprive your confidentiality and give you the power to decide which data can access. Discover the peace of mind knowing that your information remains confidential and secure. Take charge of your digital life with our user -centered approach.



Discover the transparent integration of Android Auto, allowing you to connect and navigate easily easily. Take advantage of the freedom of unlimited card downloads, making sure you never miss a beat on your trip. Immerse yourself in the beauty of topographic data, with outline lines and details on the field, offering a complete view of your environment. Immerse yourself in the depths of the nautical world, with precise and reliable information on the depths of the water.

The incredible offline wikipedia and offline wikivoyage

Your ultimate companions for knowledge and exploration! With offline Wikipedia, you can access a large treasure of information at hand, even without internet connection. Immerse yourself in a world of facts, figures and fascinating ideas, all available offline. But that’s not all – prepare to get into unforgettable trips with offline Wikivoyage.

Discover a world of possibilities with our card display options,

Presenting a wide range of captivating attractions, delicious restoration destinations, rejuvenating health spots and exploration of your desired locations in a transparent way by effortlessly looking for addresses, names, coordinates, or even specific categories, ensuring you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Impressive card styles designed to improve your adventure! Immerse yourself in the tour view, sail in open waters with our nautical card, conquer the slopes with our winter edition and ski -road edition.

Our cards are also delivered with shade and recharging contour lines

Offering you a really immersive and detailed experience. And for those looking for even more personalization, our cards allow you to superimpose different sources on each other, offering you the ultimate flexibility of navigation. Prepare to raise your exploration game with our peak card styles. Its GPS navigation system – Your ultimate guide to transparent travel experiences! Say goodbye to the stress of getting lost and hello navigation effortlessly.

Discover the power to navigate to your destination even without internet connection

With our cutting -edge road tracing function. Discover the ultimate convenience of our customizable navigation profiles adapted to a variety of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, bikes, 4×4 vehicles, pedestrians, boats, public transport, etc. Discover the convenience of a personalized route adapted to your preferences, with flexibility to exclude specific roads or road surfaces. Take advantage of the additional convenience of customizable information widgets that provide real -time updates on your trip. Stay informed of essential details such as distance, speed, remaining journey time and distance from upcoming turns, all at hand.


Solution for effortless route planning and transparent recording!

Are you tired of the hassles and frustration that accompany the planning of your routes and the maintenance of your trips? Look no further! We have the perfect application for you. Discover the ultimate convenience of drawing your point route by point with our cutting -edge navigation profiles. Capture every moment of your trip with our GPX track registration function without seam. Take control of your GPX tracks like never before – display and navigate effortlessly in your own tracks or imported on our intuitive card interface.

Discover the pleasure of exploring new routes with our advanced features!

Prepare to be blown away by the visual data we provide, presenting each descent, ascent and distance throughout your trip. But that’s not all – we also offer the incredible ability to easily share your GPX track in OpenStreetMap. So, whether you are an experienced adventurer or a curious explorer, our platform is designed to raise your outdoor experiences to new heights. Start your trip today and unlock a world of possibilities!

Versatility and convenience with our innovative point system.

Each point is meticulously designed to serve a specific objective, ensuring that you have the right tool for each task. From precision precision to transparent integration, our points are designed to help you on the roads. You can easily sign up and access your most important content with one click. Keep an effortless trace of your essential resources and never waste time again. Discover the world with OpenStreetMap – Your ultimate guide to sail in the globe!

Release your creativity by making changes to OSM, the ultimate cartography platform!

Stay ahead of the game with cards that are updated as often as every hour. Discover the power of updates in real time when you contribute to the world in constant evolution of cards on OSM. The ultimate toolbox for explorers and adventurers: – Unlock the power of navigation with our sovereign of a compass and at the cutting edge of technology, making sure you never lose your way again. – Immerse yourself in the world of cards with our transparent mapping interface, offering you a visually amazing and intuitive experience. – Immerse yourself in the depths of the ocean with our complete characteristic of nautical depths, allowing you to navigate the waters with confidence and precision.

Say goodbye to unreliable internet connections with our offline wikipedia,

Giving you access to a multitude of knowledge even in the most remote places. – Embark on unforgettable trips with our offline Wikivoyage – Travel guides, providing you with expert ideas and recommendations wherever your Swanderlust takes you. Discover the world like never before with our cutting -edge tools designed to improve your exploration and make each adventure extraordinary.

Presentation of the captivating theme Allure of the Night!

Discover a prosperous global community of users, a large library of complete documents and unrivaled support that will allow you to reach greatness. Unlock the exclusive advantages with our premium paid features! Discover a whole new level of convenience, efficiency and productivity with our carefully organized selection of premiums. Osmand Pro – The ultimate navigation companion for the modern adventurer.


OSMAND Cloud – The ultimate solution for transparent backup and the restoration of your precious data.

With its multiplatform compatibility, you can now take advantage of the convenience of accessing your information from any device. Stay ahead of the game with the card hourly updates, making sure you have the most precise and up -to -date navigation experience. And that’s not all – our weather plugin keeps you informed of the constantly evolving elements, while the altitude widget adds a touch of sophistication to your trip. Discover the power of Osmand Cloud and raise your navigation game today.

Last words

With OSMAND + MOD APK, you can unlock the power of personalization with our cutting -edge features. Personalize your route line like never before. Take control of your trip and only do it yours. Stand out of the crowd and let your individuality shine. Discover ultimate connectivity with our external sensors that support Ant + and Bluetooth technology. Stay connected and follow your progress effortlessly.

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