Poweramp vbuild-976-bundle-play MOD APK (Full Version Unlocked)

Poweramp vbuild-976-bundle-play MOD APK (Full Version Unlocked)

IntroductionPoweramp Mod Apk is a powerful music player on Android. There are many music player applications available in Google Play Store with standard features. This application has many advanced f

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5.0 ( 106 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Poweramp
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Apps
Size 13 MB
Version vbuild-976-bundle-play
Update Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Poweramp is the most famous version in the Poweramp series of publisher
Mod Version vbuild-976-bundle-play


Poweramp Mod Apk is a powerful music player on Android. There are many music player applications available in Google Play Store with standard features. This application has many advanced features, and it is beneficial for all users. The application developer made this application with three main features. The application developer focused on audio editing, user experience and interface. Before using this full version, please try the test version provided in Google Play Store. Yes, the user can use the test version of this powerful music player. In addition, this application reaches 10 million + installations and a positive reviews of Google Play Store. For the best musical experience, download this fantastic music player to your device.

Poweramp MOD APK

When you start listening to songs from the standard music player, you cannot be satisfied because each Beat song listened to the familiar song on the worst music player. With the Poweramp Apk mod, the user can listen to songs depending on the adjusted equalizer. Slide the lining button from top to bottom to define the perfect sound quality. The increase and decrease in the quality of the bass has been much more accessible in the equalizer. Each adjustment bar was supplied with frequency, bass and triple levels. Adjust the bar helps you control the frequency of music. Use the Powramp equalizer adjustment kit to easily change the frequency.

Poweramp Mod Apk provides a powerful equalization kit to resolve noise. Some songs are provided in low sound quality. When you listen to this low sound quality song, you can listen to the noise sound in the background. Using this powerful tool, adjust the song of low sound quality to a high quality song. Yes, adjust the frequency to solve unwanted audio source sounds. This is an excellent feature of this application, and it will be useful for all users. The frequency of reading of songs appears in the equalizer section. At the bottom of the screen, the bass and triple option is available to apply. Choose the bass and triple option was immediately applied.

Poweramp MOD APK

Filter the songs

Usually, the songs stored by the device appeared abnormally. The collapsed music is not perfectly aligned for user lovers. In these critical situations, you must sort the features to align the songs perfectly. From an ordinary music player, you cannot see the musical filter function. If these applications have a filtering option, it simply organizes the songs in alphabetical order. With the Poweramp Apk mod, organize and sort the songs with several options. Click the Filter option to see certain options on the filtering method. Choose any filtering method like the artist, the year of exit or anything. Choose the option for song lists that are sorted according to your chosen option.

View of the grid

Poweramp Mod Apk offers different types of list of songs designed. Choose the view of different style music in the settings, currently up to 10 years and more views designed with an attractive design. These registration views are useful in the user’s compact view. Choose the compacted grid view provided to immediately apply the modifications. Songs available compact view design as the image with title, Large image with a small text and more designed models available. In the future, the applications developer will add different prefabricated models for users.

Poweramp MOD APK


Poweramp Mod Apk is made with a catchy and attractive interface. Hats to the developer for providing an attractive interface. For each new user of the application, easier to hang this designed interface. In the equalization section, you can see the stylized bar style with rounded button adjustment bass. Most users love to use the base button with slide turn the button. The list of available songs are perfectly designed with a new design tool. Nowadays, the Android notification bar has been perfectly created by the Google team. When you play long in background mode, play the name of the song, the image and the time bar also appeared on the notification bar. In the context, users can see many theme styles and background designs.

Support all formats

Poweramp MOD APK supports all song formats like MP3, AAV, OGG and many more audio formats. In the default Android music player, some limited audio formats only support. It is not a perfect future forever. It supports MP3 sound formats and advanced formats like opus, takes, and more. The equalizer parameters have converted any frequency of audio format. Using an equalizer, you can change the frequency of any format. The interior audio processor will detect sound quality and audio KBP. It will be advantageous to apply the frequency to sound.

Poweramp MOD APK

Overall, we have covered all the detailed information on Poweramp Mod Apk. Are you looking for the best and worthy music player on Android? No doubt. Try this application to feel all music with high quality sound effects. Adjust the best frequency of songs to listen to the best quality. The application currently supports all types of audio formats. According to the original version, you have to pay money to buy the full version. Use our MOD version to get the full version for free. Download the latest MOD version from below the links of the available item.

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