Age Of Magic MOD APK v2.15.1 (Menu, Damage, Unlimited Money)

Age Of Magic MOD APK v2.15.1 (Menu, Damage, Unlimited Money)

IntroductionRole games are the only kind to keep you in authentic games and think like the realistic strategy lessee. This keeps you funny, enthusiastic and strategic every time while you play these g

Android Android Games
5.0 ( 476 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Age of Magic
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Games
Size 160 MB
Version v2.15.1
Update Monday, May 20, 2024
Age of Magic is the most famous version in the Age of Magic series of publisher
Mod Version v2.15.1


Role games are the only kind to keep you in authentic games and think like the realistic strategy lessee. This keeps you funny, enthusiastic and strategic every time while you play these games. Nowadays, the game technology has progressed and reaches a surprising step, after which you can be surprised, even with the simple low -waisted games. Nowadays, you will also not need large consoles or PC for enthusiastic games, because Google Play Store of Android contains many more games and applications than PC. If you are a real RPG lover, you can choose one of the millions of Android creations like Age of Magic, Shadow Fight Arena, Pokemon Masters and Star Wars. And if you want to enjoy much more enthusiasm than PC games, you have to try the age of magic. It is an exclusive RPG game developed by Playkot, one of the best game developer companies. The game is exceptional and contains much more content than any other RPG game. In this thing, you can also start your trip with the modified version instead of the official and finish most difficult missions at simplistic steps. The modification is a game rich in functionalities offering you free premium advantages. So stop waiting and download this decent game to have fun!

Age of Magic MOD APK

Playkot is one of the most immersive game developer brands that has created many exceptional Android games like Age of Magic, Riverside, Spring Valley, Supercity and Word Line. You can download these games on Google Play Store and to the iOS App Store. And if you want to enjoy the most influential game game interface, you can try the age of the magic game. Age of Magic is an Android game + IOS strategic RPG that you can play in solo and multiplayer modes. It is a star game offering you a gaming interface rich in functionality, where you can enjoy a huge variety of characters, heroes, land, modes and styles of play. First, you can enjoy the campaign game mode containing More than more difficult levels, and thereafter, on the next levels, you can open the most enthusiastic fashions!

Download and be amazed by legendary heroes

Age of Magic is a magic Android game containing the best heroes to make you feel rich every time. The game starts with the starting fighter Roland, and then you can enjoy more than 100 legendary heroes like Tricky, Struck, Pride, Prook Greasyhair, Shni, Grok, Torak and Jagg. In addition, you can unlock super-fueled heroes for the game more advanced such as the Troddar spokesperson, the Raarspit and the Arekhonian blood mage to enjoy their extreme attacks. It is a difficult Android game where you need to collect the bursts of each hero and unlock them. These bursts are damn rare, and most heroes need hundreds of bursts so as not to be unchanged for the first time. Thereafter, you can also upgrade them, improving their life points, their armor, their resistance to magic damage, their basic damage, their basic magic damage and their critical damage.

RPG game with versatile category of game modes

Massive collection of game modes. Basically, game modes are created to make players more enthusiastic and never make them feel annoyed, not even a single moment of play. Simply, as the best RPG game, Age of Magic has also integrated many game modes inside its interface. In addition to the simple campaign mode, you can also enjoy the dark campaign here, the battle of friends, the valley of treasurers, pvp arenas, challenges, rules of horrors and weekly update events . Please do not go on the size of the game and never jump it, as it can surprise you more unusual than other RPG games.

Join the prestigious clans and team up with the best players

Prepare to join the prestigious clans and start chatting with your clans to get all the knowledge of the game, the mode and the heroes. These clan players will not only play clan games with you, but they will also offer you advanced resources and expertise throughout the gameplay. So start the game put forward today and prepare for the age of magic!

Age of Magic MOD APK

Download the recreated version to have fun more

It’s time to surprise you with your most desired creation or the complex that took you here – Age of Magic Mod Apk. Yes, this is the modified version of the game, including all the futuristic features you all need in your games. You can use the age of the magic mod and take advantage of the most expressive damage to defeat all your rivals on the greatest number of attacks. In addition, the game contains a practical interface based on the mod menu. So download Age of Magic Mod Apk instantly and start the game advanced today!

Make multiple damage at the same time, each time

Age of Magic Mod Apk offers you a world class functionality that you are very recently looking for. The official game contains many challenges that annoy tons of players. But now you can install the modified version and take advantage of the multiple damage at the same time. After installing this version, you will not need to wait after your first attack for the next. Elsewhere, you can make several damage to your move without informing the servers!

Take advantage of the simplistic mod menu to manage hacks

Age of Magic Mod Apk is a modification based on the mod menu offering you a simplistic mod menu to activate and deactivate hacks. You can download the official version of this modified version because the two games contain the same game interface, but we recommend Age of Magic Mod Apk. The reason behind this is the level of simplicity! After downloading the modification, you can simply manage the MOD menu and live realistic games!

Massive damage to all your rivals and to God mod as a prominent line

In addition to considerable damage, you can also take advantage of the improved damage of each hero to do more influential damage than other rivals. It is a free feature integrated inside the age of Magic Mod Apk to make your attacks powerful enough for enthusiastic games and simply crush all your enemies. So stop fighting and start the magic thought!

Age of Magic MOD APK

After all the information, you can now download Age of Magic Mod Apk from the link below. The simplistic game with all the above features mixed with a simplistic mod menu and an official Idem game interface. You can install it on any smartphone, if it is rooted or not, with the default installation steps.

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