Alien Invasion v3.0.34 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/God Mode]

Alien Invasion v3.0.34 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/God Mode]

IntroductionAn unsanitary but entertaining game in which you kill time and eliminate any aggression, anger or frustration that you have on virtual humans to feel better about yourself. The concept of

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Name Alien Invasion
Genre Games
Size 95 MB
Version v3.0.34
Update Monday, June 24, 2024
Alien Invasion is the most famous version in the Alien Invasion series of publisher
Mod Version v3.0.34


An unsanitary but entertaining game in which you kill time and eliminate any aggression, anger or frustration that you have on virtual humans to feel better about yourself. The concept of an extraterrestrial invasion is unique and intriguing at the same time; Its objective is to completely eradicate humanity. In this section, you will play the role of a supervillain who is a stranger. We expect you to use your powers, skills and other factors to erase humans and all other creatures in order to demonstrate good performance and progress through the levels. You have the capacity, thanks to the use of the Alien Invasion Mod Apk, to play the role of an extraterrestrial who went to earth for unknown reasons and seems to have the intention of taking revenge on humans. You will have access to an abundance of riches, power, talents and will have greater physical prowess than the people of the game. Fundamental ideas behind the gameplay revolve around two things: live your life in the right way and carry out your mission , who is to kill humanity.

Alien Invasion MOD APK

You will need to eat food, win resources and rewards, align and organize your members, proceed to make more foreigners, convert other creatures into extraterrestrials like you and play a variety game modes. As you know and you’ve probably seen it in other media or real life, these extraterrestrials here have the appearance of a monster and a large spider. He does not seem particularly deadly, but in this situation, he can kill in seconds. With a certain number of different superpowers dishes at your disposal in the ROG elements, fused Alien Invasion Mod Apk. You will have access to everything you need to eliminate humanity from the face of the earth in the world of 2042. Simply take everything you need and do what you want, but no human being should be able to Live or move away from you. It depends entirely on subjugating yourself and erasing the human race, as well as any other species of creature that you choose to promote. However, make the game more exciting and more pleasant for players. You must improve and upgrade your talents, as well as build your army, create new extraterrestrials and avoid the heat of the earth.

Extraterrestrial invasion hack for Android

It is not often that you meet a game like Alien Invasion Mod Apk, which combines a wide variety of terrifying themes and ideas in a package, but it does so well! Users of this update version will have access to the PowerBoost increase as well as an infinite offer of money to spend on upgrading, unlocking and purchasing new capacities, accessories and equipment. Build your army by accessing new species and improving your talent, enjoying unnecessary battles against human adversaries and let you prevent you from eradicating them. Build a powerful army of foreigners by using them. Take advantage of everything, then use it to build your supremacy rule over everyone in the world.

Alien Invasion MOD APK

Eliminate all the traces of human life from the earth.

You will play the game which has become incredibly emblematic throughout its many iterations thanks to Alien Invasion. Due to the fact that you will have to use all your abilities and could destroy the whole human species. Start the battle and erase these annoying people once and for all! Make sure nobody can move away from the matrix.

Build your army

When you play the role of a villain in role -playing, users are responsible for gathering an army while simultaneously ensuring their own survival by acquiring food, water and other supplies. You can develop new foreigners by procreating them, by converting other species, eating other insects and transforming them into extraterrestrials and in a variety of other methods. You have the capacity to create a formidable army of foreigners who will never forget humanity and will never abandon them for reasons. Demonstrate your power and exercise your will on the part of the earth you govern.

Alien Invasion MOD APK


Download the MOD version of Alien Invasion for an entirely new interpretation on the entertaining premise of the game. In this game, you assume the role of foreigners and try to defeat human enemies by bringing together an army using a variety of different strategies. Remove all human inhabitants and prepare the planet for extraterrestrial occupation. You totally control the realization of the dominant position that you have always wished in this situation. To discover the game at its absolute peak, you must download this fantastic unlocked and free version.

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