Angry Birds Friends MOD APK v11.18.1 (Unlimited Powers/Full Unlocked)

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK v11.18.1 (Unlimited Powers/Full Unlocked)

IntroductionAre you a full player? If so, you cannot resist playing arcade games, because they are some of the most loved genres on the Android game market. But do you know the father of arcade games?

Android Android Arcade
5.0 ( 865 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Angry Birds Friends
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Arcade
Size 87 MB
Version v11.18.1
Update Monday, May 13, 2024
Angry Birds Friends is the most famous version in the Angry Birds Friends series of publisher
Mod Version v11.18.1


Are you a full player? If so, you cannot resist playing arcade games, because they are some of the most loved genres on the Android game market. But do you know the father of arcade games? No, you will not need to go to the flashback; It is the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment! It is a massive game brand that created our most loved masterpiece, the Angry Birds series. Angry Birds was a cartoon film based on the fight between birds and piggies, which then created an Android game starting with Angry Birds 1.

This number has improved a lot, and we have perceived huge versions of the Angry Birds series like Angry Birds, Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Explore, Angry Birds Ar, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Dreams and Angry Birds Evolution. If you find the most practical version of the Angry Birds series, you can opt for Angry Birds friends! It is the well appreciated version of the Angry Birds series with the improved interface and advanced adjustments. In addition, we also have a gift for all game enthusiasts, we were bored with the interface of Angry Birds friends and I want to enjoy premium active ingredients inside the game for free. So pack your dreams and prepare You fly via Slingshot to destinations later! =

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK

Rovio Entertainment is a company that changes industry and is also the creator of the Downloaded Android game number 1 in Angry Birds! If we talk about their trip, we can cross the most impeccable creations such as Rio Angry Birds, Angry Birds Evolution, Angry Birds Dreams and The Angry Birds Friends. Well, today, we discuss Angry Birds friends, with all its features, its architecture in the game and its difficult levels.

Angry Birds Friends developed seven years ago, with the main reason to offer you the Star Cup experience. Yeah, of course you! Here you can try your luck in the Star Cup and challenge world individuals with your tactics. It is one of the most profitable Aracais games of the Google Play Store, falling under 2-3 different genres, arcade, puzzle, physical, relaxed and stylized, only with so many co-functionalities! Download Angry Birds Friends and enjoy the most friendly Slingshot interface.

Enjoy new tournaments and fantastic game modes

First, the version of Angry Birds friends stifles you with the career game containing 8 to 10 different seasons and more than 300 difficult game levels. In addition, you can use more than 50 additional powered modules while playing these levels and taking more precise photos. Well, it’s not just a career missions, but you can also take advantage of the rewarding tournaments here from every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. You will be surprised after hearing that Angry Birds Friends advanced your life with 24 new levels each week. Yeah, of course you! You will never get bored by playing this fantastic game, because it offers you an excellent interface with multipurpose games!

Discover the Angry Birds star cup on your Androidâ smartphone

It’s time to compete with the world in this overwhelming Android game, Angry Birds Friends. Download it now from one of your favorite sources and start immersive games to challenge all world players. This impeccable series of Angry Birds introduced the Star Cup, where you can challenge the other international players of birds Angry Birds one by one and can win the additional modules of power for free. In addition, you can also mount or upgrade your birds here to improve their firepower. So start the aggressive games and winning sequences to increase the number of your awards. Start your trip from Angry Birds friends today!

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK

It’s time to reveal the surprise magic version of Angry Birds friends

Surprise…..! Finally, we have the modified version of your favorite Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Friends. Here it is named Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk, containing all the privileges you have dreamed of every night! Now Angry Birds will never need you to make boring purchases for the powerful additional modules, and that will not bother you with online ads. Basically, Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk is the modified version of the official Angry Birds version, where you are not necessary to make realistic purchases. We have added a huge hacking script inside this unique version compatible with you to offer you impeccable pleasure. Browse all the features below and just be amazed!

Play with unlimited money without making a single real purchase

First, the APK Friends Angry Birds Friends MOD grant you free access to the most expensive shopping menu! In simple terms, we make you rich inside the game, offering you unlimited bird parts to buy all items from the shop menu without being afraid of online payments. Now you can buy power-ups in the game like Wingman, Power Potion, Boombox, Birdquake, King Sling and Sling Scope. The world will advance with free purchases, so why are you so slow? Download Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk and use this nitreux to fly in this game universe!

No need to finish the seasons because you have a unlocked store menu

After having a freemium game, the angry friends’ season of friends had huge locking items that you can unlock at the appropriate level. So what we did is a lot worked and finally did the Apk Ared Friends Angry Birds Friends Mod, composed of the completely unlocked shopping menu. You will not need to upgrade level or user profile for the legendary item and you can use unlimited bird parts to use them all. Simply download Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk and enjoy powerful fronds like Wishbone and The Golden Slingshot for free.

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK

Zero advertising disruption with exclusive angry birds

Advertisements are one of the most boring interruptions between online games. And after mixing the star Cup, Angry Birds Friends has also become an online Android game, containing a major part of video advertisements, interrupting each level change and power upgrade. But you are improved! All you have to do is click on the download button as much below and install the Apk Anth Birds Friends Mod free. It is an Android game without 100%advertising, joining zero interruptions!


Angry Birds Friends is one of the richest versions in content and rich in functionality of the entire Angry Birds series. It starts with the pork tower, or a campaign mode containing 110 levels, and then, it also offers you a tournament mode, offering the weekly collection of the most recent level. In addition, you can also download the magic version, Angry Birds Friends MOD APK, carrying premium features like Infinite Money and a unlocked shopping menu. Just click on the download button below and start your trip today!

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