AppLock MOD APK v5.8.2 (Premium Unlocked) free for android

AppLock MOD APK v5.8.2 (Premium Unlocked) free for android

IntroductionDespite so many safety functions and safety features integrated into the devices, Androids are still subject to several formats of malicious and cyber attacks. There are various mechanisms

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Name Applock
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Apps
Size 20 MB
Version v5.8.2
Update Friday, May 17, 2024
Applock is the most famous version in the Applock series of publisher
Mod Version v5.8.2


Despite so many safety functions and safety features integrated into the devices, Androids are still subject to several formats of malicious and cyber attacks. There are various mechanisms involved which lead to security violations and malicious attacks of pirates and spammers. These problems are common to all Android users with so many convenience and advantages. What we can do at these moments is to install an ultimate safety tool like Application Apk, which, using its premium tools and functionalities, protects data from your device and the confidentiality of all cyber and malicious attacks . Allow Vault to hide your personal photos and files, also separating them hidden in the personal locks folder, which makes them rare to other access. In the end, the reduction of unauthorized access to your devices.


It easily protects your application and your access data from others could be like any intruder, pirate or spammer, applying locks of the mechanism. The platform emits different types of intelligent locks, which works better with the technology merged into AI according to your activities and your interests. Apart from these, there are other manual locks that you can apply using the password, spindle, pattern or fingerprints with various applications and games hiding your information. An integrated browser integrated into the application allows users to take advantage of the incognito mode, where you can travel anything safe. No security offense or security problems during surfing, and at the same time, no history recording. Apply manual locks on the folders and applications of your devices, separate file collection in accordance with the grouping of applications and personalize the interface. Take advantage of emblematic security protection like never before!


Applicock MOD APK is a mod version which means that several features and tools are modified in the coding to allow our users to undergo premium advantages without any investment. Obtaining such an application still requires premium purchases, while we offer the premium variant with free tools and functions so that you can make ultimate use of the application without any problem. Download the application here without spending a penny and get all its features unlocked for free. Personalization of functions and themes modify the tools to be used while providing more ease to the performance of the device. This application provides advantages such as blocking advertisements and no disturbances so that you can extract the advantages of the application.


Applicock Mod Apk offers various types of functionalities and safety functions to benefit from the serenity of the platform. We discussed the emblematic functions of the application below!

Offers you ultimate security of security violations

The platform is a must for your device because today, Android devices are more subject to cyber and malicious attacks, which are common. Thus, having a platform like Application brings an ease in terms of protecting your data and your confidentiality. What you should do is install the application and apply several locks to your applications and information files. These protections will make your data secure and secure from all kinds of security problems that arise. Now, making security a priority, you may be free of unauthorized access or other violation of your security in any way. Get this for free here to download with premium features.


Vault and different locking mechanism

Applicock MOD APK offers users types of varied locking mechanisms to apply to their application and devices folder. Including all separate files where you can choose manually to apply locks such as fingerprint, password, spindle, pattern, etc. The application of these formats will facilitate your device to intruders. You can also use the Vault option, which can hide all your photos, videos and personal files from another access. From all the folders, your personalized items will disappear and will be locked in the safe, so you alone can access it by putting the password, which you alone know.

Smart and hiding places for safety

Applicock has a serious advantage, which is rare to find in other applications of these categories. When we use a security application, it is common for our loved ones to see it on our device and we will ask us to give them the password. But this application avoids such problems because you can hide its widget and its icon on the device, so no one will know what application you use. At the same time, the Smart Lock is emblematic which works according to your activities and your interests of algorithm and AI. He will therefore automatically see or unlock the application depending on the time. So bring Ming more facilitated without disturbing too much.

Interface customization with widgets

One of the understandable features of this emblematic tool is that you can personalize most of the elements and the space of the platform, such as the modification of themes, wallpapers, options, widgets, perspectives and ease of use. While the case is different with the device where you can create widgets to apply locks and safety with one blow. These functions provide more security and security to each application and file, including safe from the intruders because it captures the photo of the intruder than anyone who tries to play with or break the password. In this way, you can find the one trying to access your personal or data information. Make the application ultimately secure and the safest.



Download APPP APK APK to have the safety tool that protects all your data and information from malicious and cyber attacks of each type. Applications locking installations that allow you to apply different types of locks to your applications, files and devices. Intelligent locks and safety based on AI are great, while manual locks bring more ease of intruders. In this MOD version, you get premium tools and features for free, so random, you can take advantage of the advantages of having ultimate safety in your device. Do not waste time and enjoy the ultimate security like never before!

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