Carrom King MOD APK v4.9.0.116 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Coins)

Carrom King MOD APK v4.9.0.116 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Coins)

IntroductionCarrom King Mod Apk is the best board game on Android and is loved by many Carrom lovers. This classic board game will allow you to play with your friends, family and children. Push the co

Android Android Board
5.0 ( 550 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Carrom King
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Board
Size 52 MB
Version v4.9.0.116
Update Monday, June 10, 2024
Carrom King is the most famous version in the Carrom King series of publisher
Mod Version v4.9.0.116


Carrom King Mod Apk is the best board game on Android and is loved by many Carrom lovers. This classic board game will allow you to play with your friends, family and children. Push the coins to pack and receive stars using the Tours shoots. The fantastic product of Ludo King’s most famous game. The developer was already famous for launching the Ludo game on Android. During the forties, many peoples try this game in free time. So, after the victory, the developer launched this fantastic product for Carrom lovers. Each carrom lover can try this game for free. Carrom King Mod Apk is made with a realistic Carrom based on rules. No need for powder, cheating and no tips allowed in the game. The game will start with realism while you play the game. Invite your friends to play two against 2 gold 4. Up to 4 players can play the game at the same time. You can play on one against one at any time. If your device does not have an internet connection, you can read offline mode. Two types of game methods follow offline mode. One plays with a computer and another cheek with your friend on your device. Currently, this mode supports in the game.

Carrom King MOD APK

Carrom King Mod Apk allows you to play the game with their friends. There are two ways to play with your friends. First of all, the player must invite the player’s friend to the game. Then they will connect with the Facebook or Google accounts. A player creates the room by choosing the best option. Paris options available up to a crore. Leave the stars the match with a cup for growing the quantity. The two have enough amounts to play the amount of the crore. Otherwise, the player can play with enough amounts. In Carrom King Mod Apk, after creating the room, you can see the room code from the screen. You never need to pay the amount to create a part. Share the room code created with friends. Up to 4 guys can be able to play Carrom. The friend of the player copies the code or note code. Then enter the game to click on the part option to choose the button on the joint part. He will ask for the player’s friend’s code. Apply the code to reach the room. A much more accessible way to invite up to 4 friends. Classic matches and friendly matches have the same rules. The game will not change any rules during fashions.

The chances of each player are finished, and luck went to another player. If a player is late to pocket a room, Carrom King Mod Apk provides functionality. This feature will help resolve players’ mistakes. If the player delays the attack on the medal, luck went to the next player. In addition, if the opposing players leave the game, those who will make it available as standard will receive total rewards. When the player shots in the game, he receives stars. These stars will help finish achievements. All game players are fortunate to use attack parts. Luck is only provided at some point; Otherwise, wait for the next chance.

Battle mode

The battle mode occurs in world actors. These players are well trained and try to win. But you don’t worry about anything while you play matches in career mode. Think of what we expect all the players to be the same. Use your perfect opportunity to finish the level. At each level of completion, you receive several awards. Before starting each match, collect the amount of the bets of the two. After the start of the match, you never leave the match. Play until the end of the game. If you leave the current match, your awards go to the opponent. The opponent will become the winner of the match. Carrom King Mod Apk allows the player to be able to play with four players, including you. The four -playing matches have helped receive many more awards. There are many levels and modes added for each player. Once the player is bored in one mode, the player can try another. Play any mode at any time on their mobile. The developer has also added many exciting features to the matches. Share your emotions using cat mode. Share all the information using the cat mod. Send the reaction emojis using parts.

Carrom King MOD APK

New hall design

Carrom King Mod Apk provides different types and colorful halls. When you play in the same hall design, you will get bored soon. The game developer therefore provides many colorful designs in each gameplay. In each match, the player can play with different colorful boards. Lobbies selections have also been improved. At first, more colorful lobbies. Now the developer has added many lobbies colors to the hall section. Hats off to the developer for providing the design of the hall of different colors. Soon, the theme mode will arrive at the game like Ludo King. Choose a theme design like yours in the game settings.

Variety of washers

Various types of colored washers have also been added to Carrom King Mod Apk. The design of each washer was magnificent. Pass parts and diamonds to unlock the new colored washers. After unlocking the favorite washers to use in all matches. Compared to other players, your washers are different with attractive. Unlock all the rings using coins and diamonds. The interior game has excellent differences. More waiting to play the game. Try the game now on your Android device.

Offline mode

Carrom King Mod Apk presents an offline mode for each payer. Not at any time. Not everyone has an internet connection. The game developer has therefore planned to play the game with online and online modes. Invite new players and play on a single mobile. The CARROM mobile screen will be divided up to four sides. The players will therefore join four players to play on a single screen. If nobody, friends or family members are available to play with you, you can choose the computer mode. This computer model is made with the artificial mode of intelligence. More awards are received by playing with the computer.


The Carrom King Mod Apk graphics are well made with high quality. Each match was very beautiful. Never lose the quality of the match during the game. Carrom Coins hits animations, and the developer creates good sounds. The boards designed in color are catchy. More accessible to drug addicts to this game for graphics. The design of the washer parts is also well optimized and supplied by the developer. The sound effects are also included in perfect time. After hitting the count to make rings or embark, the sounds are like real life.

Carrom King MOD APK

Overall, we have covered all the detailed information on Carrom King Mod Apk. This is an excellent game in board games. Try this game to finish all levels. Play with world teams to receive several awards. Use the rewards money to upgrade the conceptions of your washer and buy new Carrom cards designs. According to the original version of the game, you need to spend money to buy conceptions. Try our MOD version to get unlimited money and a winning mode of all time. Download the MOD version from the available links of the item below.

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