Castle Defense 2 MOD APK v3.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

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Castle Defense 2 Mod Apk is an excellent strategy game on Android. The new era of war was introduced into the game. The DH Games team has developed and published the game in Google Play Store. Use the multiple defense weapons to defend all the enemies to come. Three waves occurred in every game. These three waves have different types of powerful enemies. Assemble and mount the objects in defense to start the attack. From their wave of enemies came more power. There are many types of tricks added to the game. The heroes do a lot of your command. You are the commander of the whole castle.

Castle Defense 2 MOD APK

The gameplay apk castle defense 2 mod was similar to the defense of the type. You are only the commander of the castle and order your heroes to start attacking enemies. The objective of the opponent is to destroy your castle and defeat you. The player must therefore use the strategy to defend attacks on enemies. A winding path will go, and this end of the way was a castle. Enemies come with the winding path. Between the time to come, you must apply defense weapons in the corner of the path. Place all decent weapons in the area. Until defeating the castle, you must destroy all enemies.


Castle Defense 2 Mod Apk offers many different qualified heroes to defend. The heroes available have different powers and skills. They drop the heroes unlocked from the screen down. New unlocked heroes appear at the bottom of the screen. Each hero has a different power with capacity. Currently, the game supports up to 3 heroes with different power. Order these heroes to attack enemies. The enemies came to destroy all the heroes on their way. So use weapons to give additional coverage to the heroes. At one point, the player can only use one hero.


Castle Defense 2 Mod Apk provides many different armor and defend weapons with capacity. Each defense weapon available is made with high capacity. He will defend himself until the capacity is low. In addition, heroes are made with different capacities. They can manage all enemies with their abilities. Use money to improve heroes and defenses. Improve the defenses in the paths to destroy opponents at the start of the path. This is an excellent feature to attack opponents on the way. The player can settle weapons in defense until the end of the castle.

Castle Defense 2 MOD APK


In Castle Defense 2 Mod Apk Battle Time, the abandoned hero had trouble fighting. The hero will therefore need additional coverage to attack the opponents. PET functionality has been introduced for hero safety. In addition, pets are provided on the basis of hero0 power and capacities. They will use pets at any time. Pets also start to fight when the hero begins to fight against enemies. Most of the time, all defense objects have destroyed all enemies. If the defense cannot beat the opponents, use the hero to attack enemies.

Meet the boss

Castle Defense 2 Mod Apk gives a dangerous powered boss level in all 10 level levels. There are many games containing boss levels like this game. No easier to win the boss level and win awards. If you beat the boss and get the victory, you receive considerable rewards. In this boss, the level appeared at all ten levels. Before reaching the boss level, the player must upgrade skills and equipment. These bosses are hidden goblins. These giant goblins have massive power and this power will be easier for you to destroy you. The game offers you additional powers and the power has appeared at the bottom right at the bottom of the screen. Unlock certain achievements to obtain superpower.


Castle Defense 2 Mod Apk is delivered with five different modes, and these modes are different genres. In each mode, the player will see the different missions. In campaign mode, unlimited levels appear on the map. Each level of completion, the new level will appear. You can also receive rewards by filling out the level. The endless mode is the best forever because enemies arrive endless. This is the only way to prove your power and your knowledge about how you can manage. The shipping mode has 15 new steps with unexpected challenges. Rush boss mode has a vast boss propelled with more capacity. No easier to finish boss mode. The PVP mode allows the reader to simply face the opponent in online multiplayer mode.

Castle Defense 2 MOD APK


Castle Defense 2 Mod Apk Graphics made with 3D graphics, and each object is very beautiful. There are many engaging graphic animations added to the game. The shot, the shot, the sound effects are also well improved. With the actions of the hero for the player, can see the real action film. The game developer has created the actions of heroes and graphic animations in motion. When the opponent dies, this animation was also well done. HatsSooon, the player never bored at the end of the game. Apart from the developer for providing beautiful graphics in the game.

Overall, we have covered all the detailed information on Castle Defense 2 mod Apk. Thi is an excellent strategy game with unexpected challenges. Prepare for the defense of the castle to protect the tower of unnecessary opponents. Be careful at any time to attack. The opponent’s enemy has all the time to attack the castle. According to the original version of the game, you arrived with a limited amount of money. Use our MOD version to get unlimited money instantly. Download the MOD version from below the links of the available article.

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