Counter Attack MOD APK v1.3.05 (Unlimited Money/Mega Menu)

Counter Attack MOD APK v1.3.05 (Unlimited Money/Mega Menu)

IntroductionOnline shooting games have covered the whole game population and converted all our enthusiasts into army men. Nowadays, you can download these games directly to your smartphone and enjoy t

Android Android Action
5.0 ( 428 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Counter Attack
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Action
Size 710 MB
Version v1.3.05
Update Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Counter Attack is the most famous version in the Counter Attack series of publisher
Mod Version v1.3.05


Online shooting games have covered the whole game population and converted all our enthusiasts into army men. Nowadays, you can download these games directly to your smartphone and enjoy the free PC type interface on your Android smartphone. Everything you need is a good internet connection. During the last year affected by COVID-19, the number of shooting or PUBG players increased in billions of figures. But unfortunately, PUBG was banished in India and a few other countries! Do not think of PUBG Mobile anymore, because it is real life where things come and go! We have to adapt to what we have, except what we have lost in recent days. Stop imagining the negative thoughts and start to savor the most advanced games such as counterattack: multiplayer FPS. Counter Attack: Multiplayer FPS is essentially the Android version of the counter-Front containing most of the same cards and weapons as difficult world players. The game contains many purchases integrated into the application behind the role -playing game, as if to endure one of the new weapons, you have to pay! If you want to skip such game payments, download Counter Attack Multiplayer: FPS MOD APK and enjoy the free enthusiastic games with all unlocked weapons and their skins. Stop dreaming of mobile advertising and try this beast to be amazed!

Counter Attack MOD APK

Are you a shooting monster? If so, you must be heard at least once on the most liked world shooting game, Counter-Strike! Yeah, it’s this shroud and carries the minati game! Now, can you imagine the Android game containing all the features and counter-France components? It is certainly possible with one of the most downloaded shooting games of the Google Play Store – Counter Attack: Multiplayer FPS. This is the Idem Copy of Counter-Strike and contains most of the same cards as the official game. In addition, it will also offer you the same game interface with online multiplayer modes and a diversified variety of weapons. Simply download the counterattack: multiplayer FPS and start the immersive game today!

Take advantage of the most incredible shooting modes like Giant PC games

The modes are the spirit of the shooting games, because no one can endure a single game mode, then if it is a royal battle or a Methatch team. Keeping this in mind, Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS has installed many game modes inside this individual game interface! Above all, you can enjoy all the modes below inside the game –

    <Li> <strong> Deffuse Bomb </strong> – This is the first and the most enthusiastic game mode of Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS. You are supposed here to choose one of the two teams, terrorist or counter-terrorist, and finish the appropriate missions in front of the rival team to win. Either spread the bomb or defeat all your rivals! </li> <strong> teammatch of the team </strong> – Team Deathmatch is the team of multiplayer FPS counter -attack, where you can team up with 4 different players and fight with the ‘ Rival team. In the end, the team with the highest Kill won the match. </li> <strong> Pistol game </strong> – The pistol game is the most sarcastic shooting mode in the Multiplayer FPS attack counter, where you are supposed to fight for you between 10 players different. You can download the game and start with this enthusiastic mode! </li> <li> <strong> training with the IA mode </strong> – by the name itself, you can imagine that it is the practice mode where you can develop hundreds of hundreds of hundreds shooting skills and learn using different weapon control styles. </li>

It is time to engage by a wide variety of cards and weapons

Cards and weapons are everything you need to play shooting games, because it is the active that never allow you to get bored while playing at Counter Attack: Multiplayer FPS. First, the game will offer you hundreds of weapons, containing Glock, USP, TEC-9, BM4, Mac 10, MP5S, UMP45, AK47, M4A1, French Assault, August, Magnum and Scout. In addition, you can also enjoy various lots such as Molotov Cocktail, Frag Granada, Smoke Granada and Flash Granada. In addition to shooting weapons, you will also appreciate five different location cards here which are improved each month, unleashed, Iraq, district, snow and Morocco. So stop annoying and download counter-attack multiplayer FPs to take advantage of the most exceptional advantages.

Counter Attack MOD APK

Opt for the modified version to obtain advanced advantages

Are you boring by dreaming of premium weapons of multiplayer FPS against attack? It is not possible to acquire them all with just dreams. I also don’t suggest you fight inside the game and earn money to buy them. Stop making old outbuildings and download Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS MOD APK.

It is the versatile version of the official game containing the ditto game interface with hundreds of additional advantages. You can download this game from the link below and install it on any Android smartphone only to have access to all premium active ingredients.

Take advantage of the support of unlimited money for endless purchases

Unlimited money is the first and the most ambitious privilege of the Mod Apk FPS Multiplayer of counterattack. The only purchases in the complementary application inside the whole game are the weapons and their skins which require a lot of money to be acquired. But after installing the Mod Apk FPS Multiplayer Counter Attack, you can buy all premium weapons with classic skins for free. Download it as soon as possible!

Download the modification and go without advertisement with enthusiasm

Advertisements are the only discomfort in online Android games, and that irritates a lot of players while playing online. But our multiplayer FPS MOD APK attack counter is entirely out of this embarrassment. You can download the modification and take advantage of the 100% interface without advertising on your favorite modes and gaming cards. Take advantage!

Play on any Android smartphone, rooted or not

As a technician, you must have heard the modified application a lot to work solely on rooted smartphones. But Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS MOD APK is a practical modification which simply means that it does not need any kind of root access. You can savor this game in almost all Android OS versions of Android 4 at the last, Android 11! Just click on the link below and start your exceptional shooting trip!

Counter Attack MOD APK

It’s time to apply for the extremely delicious trip – Counter Attack Multiplayer FPS MOD APK! Now you are very good and can download the game from the Green Giant download button below. Scan this button and start enjoying all premium features and additional game modules! Appreciate!

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