Crying Suns v3.0.2 MOD APK [Menu/Unlock All Ships/Unlimited Fuel]

Crying Suns v3.0.2 MOD APK [Menu/Unlock All Ships/Unlimited Fuel]

IntroductionYou may have seen above all the cosmos where you can see beyond your eyes and always stay on a plot. The Apk mod to cry is one of those games where you get involved in a scenario that take

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5.0 ( 173 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Crying Suns
Publisher Humble Games.
Genre Games
Size 396 MB
Version v3.0.2
Update Sunday, June 16, 2024
Crying Suns is the most famous version in the Crying Suns series of publisher
Mod Version v3.0.2


You may have seen above all the cosmos where you can see beyond your eyes and always stay on a plot. The Apk mod to cry is one of those games where you get involved in a scenario that takes you to a deadly, dangerous and difficult world of chaos, history, battles, the fall of empires among others. It transports you to a new world where different sockets occur to improve your game with action scenes and an incredible environment. Close the role of a superhero in charge of the spaceship and which is responsible for unfolding its mysterious events and collapse. Crying Sun’s offers you different adaptations of history where the result is different each time. This leads to gameplay where your choice has much more than it should. Manage the spaceship and face enemy ships to participate in deadly and adventurous battles. You have access to the highest scenes to enjoy the time and flow of space. A world of perfect science fiction that brings together your courage and efforts to do something great pleasure and interest.

Crying Suns MOD APK

An entire universe to explore

Crying Sun’s mod Apk is to explore and discover the whole world where this cosmos is located. The trip in the adventure of the space where you were able to find what happened with a great empire and how it fell. A whole world that unfolds through different events and activities, scenes and answers, so that you can fully enjoy the brilliance of this big game.

Unfolding is mystery and events

Your work as a leader here is to embark on an adventurous journey whose goal lies in the course of several mysteries and events linked to the fall and the collapse of a great empire. How have things happened will be an answer to your search, so you can choose from a variety of things and make things easier. Get the game and experience your sensations with other players in the show.

Face enemies and fights

Being the commander of the spaceship, you have to face the enemies. This happens in the trip where you need to face the enemy spaceships to go through the mystery. Things create obstacles on your way. You are responsible for powerful capacities and skills that help you in the subsequent development of your spaceship power and in the process of its emblematic manufacturing of the plot here.

Crying Suns MOD APK

Skillfully control the art of management

It is an art as well as a science where you learn skills from zero. Be the model and hero of this trip. You are entitled with the master of exploration and the hero who commands the whole process. Treat with everything that comes with it. Deisgn and apply your knowledge and skills in the future development of crafts and to deal with everything in the gameplay.

300+ results according to your choice

The game here offers nearly three hundred different results from your exploration journey. Each time, a new one, it is important to make users find appropriate things so that you can decide everything that seems good to you and is admirable for you. Take part in a game task and experience the beauty of this game through incredible possibilities to make your destiny for yourself.

Intense scenes to explore the galaxy

You can explore the whole galaxy of your lifestyle. A place where you can discover the pleasures of interaction with different scenes that occur in the solar system, planets, stars, space vessels, approaches, the means of galaxy, black holes and much more. It is like a whole complex system to experiment and explore by yourself. Take advantage of the show as you like and experience the pleasure that goes with it.

Crying Suns MOD APK


Download the Crying Sun Mod APK to take advantage of the game whose elements include different forms of emotions and actions. As if you can hunt your intestinal feelings to resolve mysteries and discover the real affair of this charismatic world. The whole universe here elevates your attractive battles and fights, different things for your emotions and meanings of life in the game. Choose what seems good to you and make history sink as you wish.

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