EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK v1.9.01 (Unlimited Money/Speed Multiplier Hack)

EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK v1.9.01 (Unlimited Money/Speed Multiplier Hack)

IntroductionIt is difficult to be a citizen respectful of the laws who save lives daily, but someone must do it. The thrills and wonders that accompany being an emergency worker are perfectly integrat

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Publisher GBAPK
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Size 992 MB
Version v1.9.01
Update Monday, June 24, 2024
EMERGENCY HQ is the most famous version in the EMERGENCY HQ series of publisher
Mod Version v1.9.01


It is difficult to be a citizen respectful of the laws who save lives daily, but someone must do it. The thrills and wonders that accompany being an emergency worker are perfectly integrated into this fantastic simulation game created by the GMBH promotion software. Here, you can live your best (and worse) fantasies to save lives, eliminate fires, arrive on time, catch criminals, help people and make unforgettable memories along the way.


If you like role -playing, you will absolutely like the features with which this game is delivered. The emergency headquarters allows you to control firefighters, police, paramedics, hospital documents, technical staff, etc. The <strong> HQ </strong> emergency game is incredibly difficult at any time, so you will always have to have one step ahead if you want your mission to succeed. The simulation game will allow you to organize plans, draw your routes, prepare items to bring, prepare the team for action, launch the workforce and take care of all stay.

<strong> Emergency HQ </strong> is a simulation mod that begins with a major tragic event, usually a burned building. Your main goal is to save people living inside, but you get additional points if you also save the building. Players here control the teams and other emergency units of the game. As the developers explain, this game presents rescue procedures, repairing crime, health operations and the coordination of disasters, management and Order of different teams, staff and businesses.

You start by controlling the characters and coordinating them to deal with the central situation to be accomplished. The Mod <strong> HQ emergency </strong> triggers various problems that change the life where you will have to fight terrorists, face crime, save people’s lives, save animals and extinguish crazy fires. The point here is to create your own facilities, fire fighting units, hospitals and other centers that will provide the best service to deal with emergencies. The funny part on this subject is that you can always upgrade your existing units, headquarters, vehicles and staff, so that you are never tired of shedding your heart and your soul in the imaginary people of this application.


Comment you play it?

Think of the simplest gameplay you have ever met, and dive it from a hundred. It is how easy it is to play this game. This is where most of the pleasure comes from because you will not have to worry about the button to press and which section to concentrate. <br> The intuitive gameplay guides you through the application parameters as you go, but first, this gives you a little practical tutorial to help you start. When there is a fire, you will invoke your units of fire fighting to arrive at the scene. When there is a terrorist attack, you will call your fantastic police officers to manage the case. It’s really as simple.

But the game is not entirely going there and doing it, because you have many strategic decisions to make. For example, when there is a fire, you must first assess the environment around you and see if there are risk factors that would prevent you from ensuring a successful operation. You will have to bring engineers, health professionals and of course firefighters on the scene. But you cannot risk your entire strength there, because your team can be swallowed up in the fire, and you will lose precious members there. This is why you must always keep an eye on your team and make sure that the work is finished correctly and that all those who can be saved are saved.


At first, you will start your operations with a single staff member for each site. For example, if a building is on fire, you will have only one firefighter to turn it off, a doctor to repair injuries from injured people and an ambulance to drive the wounds. This will make coordination and planning more difficult, but you will start to upgrade your teams and manage emergencies faster, better and more efficiently as the game progresses.

The awards are also improved!

What is passionate about most users in this game is the fact that all rewards are multiplied with staff upgrades. <strong> The emergency HQ </strong> will trigger awards, awards, badges and continuous prices that range from bronze to platinum. The more you invest your time in this game, the more it produces competitions and rewards to take advantage of you. You can also get many diamonds (the most popular items) watching online videos and other announcements, so it’s a win-win situation. Do not worry, however, advertisements do not interfere with your gameplay, because they do not appear continuously when you try to save lives, buildings and other goods.

As with all simulation games, you will have the chance to visit your multiplayer friends and receive prices. You can also open the mysteries of the city, which will cause you fantastic gifts you can play with. What is even better is that each mystery package contains at least two diamonds, just like online advertisements. You can also earn money in secondary quests or help your friends by sending buses, teams or entire operating units.


The money earned can be used to upgrade the head office, buildings, staff, existing teams or everything that is improved. These upgrades vary in time, because they can last 5 to around 40 minutes in total, longer at the start, and more and more short towards the end. The game will take 15 minutes to 100 hours for the upgrading of buildings, so you will have to make real planning if you want to properly erase your schedule. I’m kidding, maybe you won’t have obsessed!

If all this was not enough, then you may be happy to know that this APK file will understand the last MOD of <strong> HQ emergency </strong>. Thanks to this free integration, you can enjoy crazy explosions, incredible graphics, complex situations and fun quests, operations, side missions, etc. Don’t worry; If you fail to do too difficult for your skill level, you can easily restart and finish it like a pro. The game is exciting, engaging, charming and very addictive, so download it now through the button below.

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