Facetune 2 MOD APK v2.29.0.3-free (Premium/VIP Unlocked)

Facetune 2 MOD APK v2.29.0.3-free (Premium/VIP Unlocked)

IntroductionFacetune2 Mod Apk is the best application to modify user images and makes the skin more fluid. There are many photo editing applications available in the Google Play Store. Each applicatio

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5.0 ( 109 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Facetune 2
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Apps
Size 120 MB
Version v2.29.0.3-free
Update Saturday, June 22, 2024
Facetune 2 is the most famous version in the Facetune 2 series of publisher
Mod Version v2.29.0.3-free


Facetune2 Mod Apk is the best application to modify user images and makes the skin more fluid. There are many photo editing applications available in the Google Play Store. Each application contains unique features and powerful tools. But this application is made differently with unique features. When you start to take pictures of a mobile camera, you will find the face marks in photos. Face marks and pimples explore user images as worse. Try the Application Party2 Application Tools to make images to the skin pretty.

Facetune2 MOD APK

Facetune2 MOD APK comes with new AI optimized technology. This option helps the user to solve skin problems in the face from images. When you import the image from the image import option, the application begins to detect. AI technology scanned and analyzes the image provided by the user faster. Then it will show the perfect outline of your face. Never worry about choosing the brands. Because it also detects facial marks, pimples and more.

Each feature from the front -line2 mod Apk contains newly introduced AI technology. Most users want to finish the editing process faster. No photo editing application is not possible to finish the editing process more quickly. But this application has faster AI technology to easily and quickly modify your image. More time take for the end of the video process. Hats to the developer of the application for the rest of the user work.

Facetune2 MOD APK

Balayage imperfections

Facetune2 MOD APK provides smoothed tools for everyone. Most girls and women hate their pimples, brands and imperfections. The application developer therefore provides tools for retouching the user’s facial skin. When you start taking pictures of an ordinary camera, each brand and detailed imperfections appear. This will irritate by looking at the user’s face from the image. For users who must be prettier, use tools to adjust the skin of the pretty facial skin. In addition, users never see the marks published by their facial skin.

Facetune2 MOD APK currently provides four excellent tools to remove your facial imperfections, pimples and brands. Smooth, smoother, details and erasure tools are now available in the application. A smooth tool helps to smooth your complexion a little. If your skin is already smooth, you can use this smooth tool. This will increase the smooth skin a little. If your image contains harder skin, you need to use smoother tools to increase the complexion. Detail tools will remove a few detailed tones from the images. Finally, erase the tool helps remove the editing process. Use an eraser to delete the applied process if you don’t want smooth, smoother and detailed applied places.

Fast and easy rethape

Facetune2 MOD APK gives this good functionality for very users. When the user starts the application the first time, he needs skills to use a photo editing application. But this application developer provides rapid reshaping functionality to users can supplement the publishing process more quickly. The user must need to import the image from the Android device. After importing the image, click on the quick correction of the Application Start the P [Process. It will take a few seconds to complete the quick editing process.

Facetune2 MOD APK

Facetune2 MOD APK gives publishing tools at the bottom of the screen. Each user can use the tools available at the bottom of the screen. Click on the facial tools so that certain important options appear as the Smile and jaw option. Click on the Smiley icon to import the image smile has been increased. Use the jaw icon to adjust the facial jaw in a few seconds. Users never need the skill to adjust their smiles and their jaw. Eye tools help add the more colorful lens and help adjust the size of the eyes. In addition, nose and eyebrow tools are provided at the bottom of the screen. Use these tools to adjust your face with more accessible tools.

Unique filters

Facetune2 MOD APK offers a lot of unique colored filters to everyone. Each user wants to make their photos colorful. The application offers unique filters for free. The user just needs to locate the filter option at the bottom of the screen. Choose the filter option to apply the filters to the images for a few seconds. A few seconds are necessary to apply filters to images. Colorful filters make your image more attractive. After using the filters, you never lose your attractive image.

Adjust the color

Facetune2 MOD APK comes with color adjustment tools. When the user takes photos of the house or the outdoor area, he faces a problem of correction of the color of the photo taken. The application needs professional image editing tools to correct the color of the image. Using the lamps, users should see too much brightness of the image taken. Don’t worry. The application developer offers several options to correct color correction from the image. Not only for the facial editing process, but you can also turn on your image via this application.

Facetune2 MOD APK offers special setbacks for everyone. Everyone knows the reface and reshape function. But the application developer has first introduced this setback functionality. It will help users correct their lighting correction from the imported image using the cursor option to correct the great brightness, contrast, etc. Overall control the shadow effects of the image and the dark correction of the image via this application.

Facetune2 MOD APK

Image correction tools

Facetune2 MOD APK has many image correction tools for its users. Use the unique and unique high quality beauty filter to create more attractive editing images. Use the different types of brushes provided to adjust the softness of the face and correct the skin of the facial using the brush tool. Easy and after to reshape the image using various brushes. A blow to crop, cut, blur and refine your image via the tools provided. Quickly blur your image background using the latest AI technological system. It will be easier to detect the background and apply the blurred effect to the background.

Overall, we have covered all the detailed information on the APK Facetune2 mod. This worthy application to reshape and refine your imported image. There are many photo editing tools available with powerful features. In addition, the publisher added AI technology to this application. The application is therefore faster and easier to detect image details. According to the standard version, you have to face certain advertisements and boring limitations. Use our MOD version to get relief from limitations. Download the MOD version from the article below the available links.

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