Fallout Shelter Online v4.7.2 MOD APK (Menu, God Mode) for android

Fallout Shelter Online v4.7.2 MOD APK (Menu, God Mode) for android

IntroductionTake advantage of the world of deadly fights and vast land that have been destroyed by various factions of the kingdoms. Due to the greed of power, various groups began wars and all partic

Android Android Adventure
5.0 ( 397 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Fallout Shelter Online
Publisher GaeaMobile.
Genre Adventure
Size 1.5 GB
Version v4.7.2
Update Monday, May 20, 2024
Fallout Shelter Online is the most famous version in the Fallout Shelter Online series of publisher
Mod Version v4.7.2


Take advantage of the world of deadly fights and vast land that have been destroyed by various factions of the kingdoms. Due to the greed of power, various groups began wars and all participated in sufficient destruction of the world transformed into a dangerous zone. People went underground to save themselves because, in such dangerous fatal fights, survival is the most important for large creatures. Take this wonderful gameplay of dangerous wars that occur. Fallout Shelter Online is now available for Android users with epic content and the same level of features to enjoy it pleasantly. With the scope of these superb graphics and visuals, steals the hearts of players at the heart. Bring the world of dangerous fights where various aspects are systematically treated. Here, the major factions participate in wars destroying human lives for the greed of power, architecture and harmful infrastructure, dangerous areas, so not for everyone to participate, you need a strong heart to participate.

Fallout Shelter Online MOD APK

However, the fighting is developed in many executives where the teams participate to fight, duels and correspond to exciting challenges to play. Complete your powerful tasks and responsibilities to direct the world for peace. Fallout Shelter Online Mod Apk brings a world where everyone participates in a trip. Save Yourself is the first criterion but also survive with resources and organize them for everyone. In an underground life, you can organize stuff to live like oil, electricity, pleasure, food, water, shelter, clothes, etc. In addition, survival also has dimensions like a personal safe where you organize and store resources for personally and another use. Captivating scenario that steals your heart, your popular lifestyle, fights and wars. Degart super powerful fallout characters to participate in the fights, upgrade and increase their positions, loaded weapons, pistols, etc. In fact a perfect mixture of adventure and battles. Collect new equipment and a powerful boost, improve positions and play online with players to score more on rankings.

Fallout Shelter Online Mod Apk

Fallout Shelter Online Mod Apk offers the indefinable gameplay of adventure, fight and deadly photos to be taken in this post-apocalyptic world. Get an endless money to use in the upgrade and weapons of the character, resources such as water and food, challenges and missions, etc. Unlock all kinds of articles and accessories to fight and survive in this world. However, the God’s mode for users makes them immortal, so the advantages of the gameplay become premium that users feed everything they need for the professional gameplay. Free purchases of the game shop to buy all kinds of accessories, items and stuff. God’s mode and all ads blocked for no gameplay disturbance. The rooting is not necessary during the installation of the version, with a complete security space and the advantages. Take advantage of this premium area with dangerous elements to fight in this hard wars world. Participate here to explore life at the best of war in order to take advantage of the epic narration of this trip. Carry out exciting missions with easy -to -play factors.

Fallout Shelter Online MOD APK


Fallout Shelter Online Mod is delivered with features and interesting functions to be used when they participate in dangerous wars against several groups. The features below allow you to use them more in need.

Post-apocalyptic danger zone to participate

After being standing and flagship on the PC, the game aroused the interest of Android users. Serve now with the same level of excitement and characteristics to enjoy this trip of epic fights and battles against various factions. The blood in the street is too much to instill fear to anyone, including people and other creatures. The world fed monster is now your mercy. The battles against various factions for the scope of power had a huge impact on people’s lives and destroyed everything. Survival has become difficult due to a lack of resources with everyone’s exhaustion and life. These legendary faculties allow you to improve the lifestyle of people around you by standing firm and by beating for them with all your might.

Powerful characters for dangerous fights to unlock in exciting challenges

Fallout Shelter Online has a varied concept of battles in this legendary danger area. Here you will be aligned with various missions and tasks to accomplish them and win rewards. This place is a fun and adventure combo where users can enjoy the battles through the factions. You will have to fight to unlock powerful characters, improve them and increase their strength. Win the fights and organize all kinds of resources for survival in underground life. Your work will be difficult and would like the mortal scenarios to be created themselves. Take part in fun challenges and combine with sincere characters with unique power capacities. Kill all those who enter the two to infuse excitement throughout the world.

Fallout Shelter Online MOD APK

Play online and explore the cards

Fallout Shelter Online Mod Apk is full of captivating stories and fun elements where these battles force you to create a personal safe and organize resources. Explore and find resources in various places cards developing on each dimension. Where you can ensure everyone’s survival with ease. However, the game becomes difficult when online players participate because they require more efforts on your side. Upgrade of elements, weapons and character. Play with multiplayer in Squad Fights and mark your name in the ranking. Join this legendary game with an unfair suite of fighting.


Download Fallout Shelter Online Mod Apk where the world of wars and battles redefine your creative and aggressive side. Here, you can participate in emblematic missions allowing you to enjoy the deadly wars and survival which is a must. Create a personal safe with various factors and an assessment of weapons like weapons to participate in battles alongside your factions. Your goal is to save the world and everyone to create impressive changes in danger. In this mod, we meet all kinds of needs such as God mode, unlimited money, accessories and unlisted characters, powerful weapons, etc. Now you can play with fierce with online players and score in the ranking.

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