FM WhatsApp APK Download v9.75 (Latest Version) Official 2023

FM WhatsApp APK Download v9.75 (Latest Version) Official 2023

FM WhatsAppToday is age of digitalization and social media. So, communication has great role in this era. Variety of social applications are available in the market. But it would not wrong to say that

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Price: $0
Name FM WhatsApp
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Mod APK
Size 55.1 MB
Version 9.75
Update Sunday, May 19, 2024
MOD Remove Limitations
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FM WhatsApp is the most famous version in the FM WhatsApp series of publisher
Mod Version 9.75

FM WhatsApp

Today is age of digitalization and social media. So, communication has great role in this era. Variety of social applications are available in the market. But it would not wrong to say that WhatsApp is the king of communication. No other communication applications can beat the level and standard of WhatsApp today.

As we know, human wants more and more, hence developers continuously update and modify to entertain its users. Here’s we will discuss about the cool modified version of official WhatsApp, that allows ultra private messaging source for smartphone users. Also, we will review its descriptive details and specifications for our worthy readers. 

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is one of the best, cool and famous version of regular WhatsApp, with availability of extra and special features. It provides really amazing communication experience due to its unique and incredible features. FM WhatsApp is developed by the Fouad Mokdad. In this article, readers would enjoy the full information of FM WhatsApp APK with its key specifications and premium features.

FM WhatsApp is considered as one of the secured modified version of original app. There is no need to be worried about being banned, as FM WhatsApp has incredible anti-banning feature that provides smooth and flawless experience to its users. If you want to enjoy innovation while using WhatsApp, than FM WhatsApp would be one of the best option to be considered. 

FMWhatsApp APK

FM WhatsApp Specifications 

FM WhatsApp is same like official Facebook owned WhatsApp but with some exciting and premium features that are missed in regular version to be unique. Variety of customizations, security and privacy updates, anti-deleted messages and statuses, last seen freezer, user friendly interface, desired updates, customize interface icon, delivery report, call privacy and many more exclusive features that make FM WhatsApp APK is really awesome to be used.

Why to Use FM WhatsApp?

Well, this is a good question. Here’s, we will try to deliver a satisfied answer our readers about this. We should use FM WhatsApp APK 2022 because of its cool visual experience. Human nature always demands for change, so this modified version of WhatsApp is famous due to its customization. Users have freedom to customize their account as they like, even they can customize it according to their current mood.

If you are confused between default light or dark theme, you can easily change the color of theme like pink, blue, grey, and many more. Customization is one of the biggest flux for FM WhatsApp’s popularity.

FM WhatsApp Key Features

  • Customization

Users can change the regular green theme and color of WhatsApp, and replace it with any favorite or suitable color. You can also add and change the theme of application through your phone’s library. Many other customization options, like change the line color, font style and size, blue tick customization, chat theme, bubble and background, sent and received texts box and many more exciting changes. 

  • Privacy

Users can make their account even more private by this modified version. By applying privacy tweak, you can hide or freeze last seen, blue tick and double tick. Also, you can unable the video calling option here, that is not available in regular app. Moreover, you can add more privacy by adding password or pin code to your app and any specific chat. By this, you would be able to secure your data more efficiently.

  • Security

It provides variety of security features like by in-built app lock, you don’t need to install any other application to secure the account. By this, you can also make chats more secured by adding pin to them. 

  • High Media Limits

FM WhatsApp provides high media sharing limit. You can add up to 500 people in a group at a time, that is not possible in regular app. Also, you can share up to 60 images at once. Up to 70MBs video could be shared by this mod APK. 

  • Multimedia Features

Users can even share 700 MB media file through this. You can send or receive audio file of up to 100 MBs size. There is huge benefit to share the images and videos in their original quality or resolution by FM WhatsApp APK.

Other Exclusive Features 

  • Manage Airplane Mode

This is a cool feature. When you enable this, you would become disconnected and seem offline, even if cellular data or Wi-Fi is connected. By this time, you can’t send or receive any message. When you are ready to communicate, you have to just unable airplane mode and get the messages notifications back.

  • Blue Tick Privacy

Sometimes, we don’t want to reply anyone. But after receiving and reading the message, it turns the double ticks into blue. But FM WhatsApp offers freedom to its users in this regard. You can set or activate the blue tick after reply. By this, sender never comes to know either you have read his message or not until you reply.

  • Freeze Last Seen

WhatsApp offers the feature to off the last seen. But by this, you would not be able to see others’ last seen. In FM WhatsApp, you would be entertained by an awesome feature of last seen freezer. By this, you can freeze your last seen according to your choice or desired time. By this, you can also watch and check last seen of other contacts. 

  • Message Anyone Without Saving the Contact

In regular app, you have to first save the contact number in your phone. After that, WhatsApp reads this new contact and you would be able to send or receive the text to that person. But in FM WhatsApp, users can send or share any message and media file without saving the contact number. For FM WhatsApp users, saving contact before communication is not necessary.

  • Anti-deleted Messages

WhatsApp offers the feature to delete the message either for yourself or for receiver too. By ‘Delete For Everyone’ feature, receiver would not be able to read the message. But FM WhatsApp users can even read the deleted messages due to its incredible feature of anti-deleted messages.

  • Anti-deleted Statuses

WhatsApp status or stories disappear after 24th hour of its uploading. But sometimes, some users delete their story before time limit and that’s why you can’t watch their status. But in FM WhatsApp, all the stories or statuses remain in your status section up to completion of 24 hours circle even they are being deleted by the uploader. Anti-deleted status is also one of the unique key specifications of FM WhatsApp APK Download. 

  • Remove Limitations

By FM WhatsApp, users can remove various limitations like, can remove forwarded tag on the forward message or media. Also, by this modified version, users can send and receive even big audio, video, images and other media files. You can share more than 30 images at a time.

  • Call Privacy

Call privacy is another exclusive feature. By this, users can manage and control their call system. Like, you can select who can call you and who can’t? By this, you can always ensure your privacy and security from unknown or specific contacts and persons. 

  • Emoji Features

Through the latest version of FM WhatsApp, users can add emojis by many other android systems. Like you can save emojis through Facebook and other social sites. 



How to Install FM WhatsApp?

As we know, FM WhatsApp is an unofficial and modified version of regular application. It is a third party app, hence, you can’t find it at Google’s Play Store or App Store. iOS can’t support such third party applications.

So, if you want to enjoy this modified version, you have to install it in any Android smartphone only, as we can easily access the security and protection of Android operating system rather than iOS. To install FM WhatsApp, you have to go through a proper procedure, as already mentioned above it is not available at Google’s Play Store.

  • First, go to the Android Settings.
  • Than, open App Security there
  • Now, activate the external installation by enabling the Unknown Sources. By this, you don’t need to bother any notification before downloading this modified app.
  • After that, click on the given Download button within the website. As we always provide secured and trusted link.
  • Than, it might take few seconds to start the loading
  • After it, when downloading has been completed, click the file within the phone storage 
  • As soon as you click on the downloaded file, it starts to be installing the APK file of FM WhatsApp 
  • When installation completed, the application icon would appear in your phone. 

By this process, users are now able to install and use the FM WhatsApp in their smartphone easily.

How to Update FM WhatsApp?

Such third party applications need to be updated regularly, otherwise they start to be slowed. Users have to check FM WhatsApp’s new updates after every two week for smooth functioning of the app. In this section, we would tell you how to update FM WhatsApp Download APK in details:

  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner within the app
  • Now, tap on the ‘FMMods’ and than click to ‘Check fir Updates’
  • Than, tap on the Download button
  • By this click, system would take you at the official website of Fouad Mokdad
  • Scroll down that web page
  • Than click in the ‘FMWhatsApp’ and Download Center
  • Download the APK file of FM WhatsApp within phone storage
  • Enable external installation through Chrome, and than downloading would run in smooth way

After completion of downloading, you would get the latest and updated version of FM WhatsApp in your phone without losing previous data.

New Updates in Latest Version of FM WhatsApp 

  • Anti-ban system has been improved
  • All bugs, crashes and errors are fixed
  • Can pin up to 100 chats at a time
  • You can set your name on the main screen
  • Easy and friendly user interface that provides smooth experience
  • Variety of new icon customization
  • New themes has been added
  • Base updates
  • All problems are fixed that cause the app freezing
  • Enable to hide blue microphone
  • Pause and resume voice notes at any time
  • Call icons updated
  • Can hide view status
  • Feature of default blue interface 

How to Fix Installation Error?

Usually, installation errors occur when your device is running through low storage. For this, you have to uninstall and delete some file in phone or free up the space within Settings. Sometimes, due to unstable internet connection or network issue, you may have to face these installation problems.


  • See and read anti-deleted status and messages
  • Can send and receive large media files that is not possible in regular application
  • Can update and change the app themes within your phone library and storage 


  • FM WhatsApp is not end-to-end encrypted. Developers can see and read your messages and other activities. There is huge chance of being hacked. It is one of the biggest fault that developers can spy on your privacy and data.
  • Slow speed or lagging, is another drawback of FM WhatsApp. All functions and systems work slower than official one. 


Official WhatsApp is no doubt is one of the best and secured source of communication today. But if you want something new and exciting, you can try this cool mod APK of WhatsApp. With many more awesome, exclusive and incredible features, users never get bored for using this. But, if you are conscious about the privacy and security of your data, we never recommend this modified app to you.

Always try to use official application to ensure the security of your personal data. After reading all the content of this article, you would be able to know about full details of FM WhatsApp. So, its all about your choice now whether install FM WhatsApp or not?

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs 

  • Is FM WhatsApp safe to use?

Well, there is still no news about presence of any virus or malware in FM WhatsApp. So it may consider safe to use. But remember, official app developers can van your account anytime, if they get know about the usage of such modified versions.

  • What is difference between WhatsApp & FM WhatsApp?

There are huge differences between official WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp. You can get regular app through Google’s Play Store or App Store. Wile FM WhatsApp is gotten only through web. Moreover, FM WhatsApp is available in market with availability of extra and premium features that are not present in official version. 

  • How to remove ads in FM WhatsApp?

If you are facing advertisements within the FM WhatsApp, than there is only way to remove them is to uninstall this version and reinstall it. 

  • Can we use WhatsApp web in FM WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use. But remember, by using WhatsApp web, you can’t get and enjoy the special and extra features of FM WhatsApp there.

  • Can we send high quality images by FM WhatsApp?

Yes, you can share media files in their original quality. Even by this, you can send or receive high resolution media also. 

  • Can I get FM WhatsApp in PC?

By using Android emulator, like BlueStacks or Noxplayer in PC, you can use this modified WhatsApp in desktop too.

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