Gallery Vault MOD APK v4.2.15 (Pro Unlocked)

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In his time mobile phones and the developed generation, people have their secrets that they want to store in their devices, but they want the greatest security to protect and hide from others. We know that we are always surrounded by a few people with whom we have good relationships, and if they ask, then we must say our passwords to lead to good relations with them, so these relationships and these friendships become an obstacle in your biggest privacy.

Gallery Vault MOD APK

The protection of these secret files of these people and the maintenance of good relationships with your friends have become difficult because the applications available to hide these files are visible to show that they are encryption applications. Thus, everyone asks for the password, and we must give them and sort problems like this; We have another approach, which is this application which we discuss later and developing on this subject. Gallery Vault MOD APK is an application that serves users for all their needs, and after having solved the problems encountered by users, they seriously destroyed them. It is an advanced encryption application, which hides and stores all your private, images, videos and more and 100% files protect them from others to catch them. With various premium features and tactics, it is available for almost all Android devices. It is a premium content hiding place that guarantees the complete protection of your files on this third-party application and protects your data confidentiality against pirates and crooks. Users can immediately use a browser for content formatting, with the greatest care and a user interface designed gently to hide and scan documents; It doesn’t matter where you store them, automatically, the application will check them and mask them.

Gallery VAULTS MOD APK is an alternative variant of the original game, allowing users to hide and encrypt files, images, videos, and even more in the most sophisticated and most fluid way. In the Play application, you can also hide all your files in a way and protect them from your parents and friends. Simply download the application and follow a few authorization steps, and then it will allow users to automatically submit the parameter to the application. It will start automatically, store and analyze all your files.

Gallery Vault MOD APK

As you know, these types of applications require a price to subscribe to them and access these advanced advantages. However, not everyone can subscribe with real money, but we have another approach to access their facilities here. Thus, in this modified version, you will get these things for free. And its non -advertising strategy allows users to take advantage of the premium advantage of the deactivation of ads. It deletes and blocks the announcements to perform smooth functions of the game. In addition, make sure of the antiban and antivirus properties because of not needing rooting during installation.

Encrypt each file format in

Gallery Vault MOD APK allows users to hide and encrypt the files of each type because it supports all kinds of versions and variants possibly. On your Android device, make sure you confidentiality assured, without side effects on your device. There are other applications on the market that provide the same type of damage. They cannot correspond to the higher level safety features it offers due to their largely accepted formats and functions.

Extremely safe inventory assured

Gallery Vault MOD APK provides virtual safety from around the world in the digit of your digital files of any size and format as well as automatic functional modes and approaches. If others know your password in other applications, they can quickly access your files, but not in this application. No one can subscribe to your folders and access the inventory of your files. You can quickly delete the contents of the phone and allow it to store only on the Vault MOD APK gallery, and this will allow 100% confidentiality of your backup without having to worry about it another time.

Simply allow the application with the backup function, and therefore it will automatically store the phone files to storage, and then you can access it without anyone being able to know them. Even other third -party applications cannot examine and break the codes of this very encrypted application because it stores files, images, videos and documents. With the records in the format of the number, which prevents other applications from separating its codes and distorting your private life in any way.

Gallery Vault MOD APK

Change the application of the application to confuse others and record your privacy

As we know, there are people in our lives so important that if they force us, we must unlock it for them and, in the way, lose our private life. But this cannot take place in the Vault Mod Apk gallery because it is designed to keep the life’s life need for each user, and we therefore discuss the most advanced function of the application here. Which is its ability to cover it and transform it into other formats; No one will understand that this is an encryption application. As you can give it the appearance of unrelevant applications like that of a calculator, and it will work as a calculator, only you with a password on Calc will reduce the interior features.

Explore and discover inside the application

Gallery Vault MOD APK allows users to hide and encrypt files, but there are different formats outside of all these main features. You can also open the application and explore anything from any third-party platform. Gallery Vault Mod Apk will never disappoint you with his performance; You will be exceptional in this fantastic application. You can search in Google, Instagram, Facebook in this application and download your videos, images and all favorite; Also keep secret by hiding inside the application. No cookie or history will be saved. In this way and applications of applications, users can take advantage of the greatest confidentiality in the digital world without disturbing themselves with anything.

Now download the Vault MOD APK gallery to save, hide and encrypt your secret documents of documents, images, videos or files from any format and size. You can also explore the advanced features of navigation, exploration, download and storage of secret files; All this inside this application is only free of charge in this modified version. Users will love an application that does not seem to be an encryption application because it quickly changes its appearance and benefits from digital life.

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