Granny 3 MOD APK v1.1.3 [MOD Menu/Dumb Bot] for Android

Granny 3 MOD APK v1.1.3 [MOD Menu/Dumb Bot] for Android

IntroductionWe were with the first game of the series that is Granny Mod Apk, and we know how much we explored the thrill and suspense in the darkest houses. This is the new episode of the same series

Android Android Arcade
5.0 ( 366 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Granny 3
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Arcade
Size 70 MB
Version v1.1.3
Update Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Granny 3 is the most famous version in the Granny 3 series of publisher
Mod Version v1.1.3


We were with the first game of the series that is Granny Mod Apk, and we know how much we explored the thrill and suspense in the darkest houses. This is the new episode of the same series offering a spell incompatible with elements newly added in horror. The new characters in the gameplay, the latest home prospects, new articles and tools for users. There are so many fun and terrifying elements integrated into the latest version, so users have more difficulties along the way. The gameplay has all the features and methods necessary to allow users to take advantage of the fate of the charter by choosing it themselves. The role -playing character has the same capacities and gameplay to be carried out with the elements of the basic thrill and the advanced suspense.

Granny 3 MOD APK

Granny 3 Mod Apk is the next episode of the gameplay and therefore allows you to live more horror with even more frightening elements. Here you only have five days to save yourself and escape these evil monsters from the house and now they are even more. Granny is already there with his blindness with skills in epic hearing, grandfather-the best to shoot the target simply by noting that his emotion, and the main interest is the Slendrina granddaughter. Slendrina is very powerful and epic like a ghost because she will freeze your bones, avoid looking at it because her gaze is enough to kill anyone. When you see someone of them try to hide in a kind of place in the house where you cannot be easily found as under the bed, the sofa, the cupboard, the almirah, etc.

Granny 3 Mod Apk is a next episode of the Granny popular horror game and has even more difficult elements in the gameplay so that users can undergo many advances. You can download the modified version of the application from the link below because it offers many hacks and cheaters in the original game to make this simple for users. In this mod version, all the tools and equipment of the gameplay are unlocked for free and improvable. Unlocked the GOD Premium mode where you are immortal, so no one will die anyway, horror is not enough because all powers are unlocked for users. The gameplay of this version blocked all the announcements and therefore no disturbance along the way. Take advantage of the gameplay which does not require roots during installation and thus offers anti-ban and the antiviral properties of the gameplay.

Granny 3 Mod APK offers amazing features and super exciting functions to play games with the greatest interest and skills. Fear is sufficient to freeze our arteries, but it is not enough to cool our blood flow and so we are here to explore some of the additional gameplay tools;

Granny 3 MOD APK

Elements of horror with grandmother’s blindness and hearing skills – the same as usual

The gameplay of Granny 3 Mod Apk is as usual that in the traditional approach, but there is a certain addition in the incomparable fate of the game where you can discover the truth to be killed at any time. All the elements and tools are available, which makes your character difficult to survive in the house. You just need to protect yourself from the grandmother and other elements for 5 days and you have finished. If your failure, death is at any time – be very alert and focus on the noise signal to take the necessary measures as soon as possible for a better gameplay.

Grandfather drawing a hobby and frightening habits

Granny 3 Mod Apk is not limited to the scary and terrifying sense of Granny, because in this shot, we have the grandfather who is crazy enough for his shooting hobby. He shoots each time and on everything he found in motion. Not so good when hear, but grandfather has epic shooting skills and any shot can be your head. Also protect yourself from grandfather because no one is a good friend. All you have to do is save yourself from the wrong power in any case, do not expect anyone in any case because they will deceive you and train you with their intentions.

Slendrina Entrance – The very powerful evil force

Granny 3 Mod Apk is not limited to certain basic thrills and horror at all because the gameplay is the next episode, so you must be very careful to identify the real source and to save you; All experience collectively should be used. Slendrina is a new entry that appears in the middle of time to scare you even more. There is absolutely no limitation and limits, so be careful because they can appear in any place, Slendrina has powerful skills opposite and can kill anyone with them, so avoid people in any case. Slendrina is the most powerful and you try to pass the time until she leaves instead of trying to fight with her because it will prove to be useless.

Granny 3 MOD APK

Hide in places to spend 5 days in a house

Users should save themselves for only 5 days in this house, because after that, you will be free if you will not die before the moment. So many elements and attacks that you will face even more difficult for users to live in the house. Three characters to scare you and kill you whenever they face or find you. Things are very difficult to be very precise so that the space hides like a kitchen, toilets, bathroom tiles, beds, an almirah, a sub-bed, etc. and more.

Download Granny 3 Mod Apk to dive into the immersive world of thrill and horror, which makes life simple in the house very difficult. Users will meet three evil characters in the game and everyone is crazy enough to kill you. They don’t want anyone in the house and you have to die if you don’t survive for 5 days in a row. Several frightening elements and places of the house are increasing even more problems for users. In this mod, everything is unlocked for free so that you can enjoy life without any problem, being immortal offers you enough courage to deal with situations.

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