GTA Vice City v1.12 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu] for Android

GTA Vice City v1.12 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Mod Menu] for Android

IntroductionGTA Vice City Mod Apk is the most impressive Android game, and Rockstar Games has developed it. The first time that Rockstar Games launched this game on PC, its 10th anniversary, the publi

Android Android Action
5.0 ( 600 ratings )
Price: $0
Name GTA Vice City
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Action
Size 980 MB
Version v1.12
Update Tuesday, May 21, 2024
GTA Vice City is the most famous version in the GTA Vice City series of publisher
Mod Version v1.12


GTA Vice City Mod Apk is the most impressive Android game, and Rockstar Games has developed it. The first time that Rockstar Games launched this game on PC, its 10th anniversary, the publisher launched GTA Vice City on Android devices. Each player was allowed to see the interior look like real things, for example, traffic lights, helicopters, cars, bikes, etc. In Vice City, living humans resemble real humans, and these 3D graphics are well optimized for this manufactured character. Hats to the publisher’s team for launching this high graphic action game in Android. Since most high visual games are only available for PC, this publisher changed its first step to launch large games in Android. When you play this game on your mobile, you want to play GTA Vice City again.


You will return in the 1980s, and playing City is based on the American country. The most famous place of GTA Vice City Mod Apk is Miami, and other missions are available there. During this period, drug trafficking, raging, crime and a lot of illegal work took place wherever the main character Tommy Vercetti stopped due to drug failure. Now he escaped from prison and the police find Tommy Vercetti within 24 hours. The reason why Tommy went to prison, was while he was making drugs to the customer, a third party arrived, so he was captured by the police. Now Tommy plans to build a new gang again and confidence to sell medicines to customers.

Become a real criminal at GTA Vice City

The game editor planned perfectly to make this fantastic game because each editor made the game with a specific category style. For example, categories are fights, races, action, role playing, etc., but these publishers launch this APK GTA Vice City with a combination of all genres. At the start of the game, you will speak with the current mafia chief. Then he will provide you with a job. Then take house bikes or steal vehicles on the road. Go near the car and click on Entrance icon. They automatically kick the door to steal the car. After stealing the car, you can browse your location via the card. After driving the car, you can feel that the defect is under control. It’s just a game, so don’t try to become a real criminal in real life. You can run and use a vehicle at each place. No one can restrict your character. On the side of the road, you see the most expensive cars and drive with cars dear to anywhere. Each time and in all areas, people can walk and run on the sidewalk. So everywhere, you can see people and pretty girls. The player focuses on the exploration of the city, playing the player quickly becomes boring with the game. Thus, GTA Vice City Mod Apk gives you unique and exciting missions. Each task was very different and finishing the mission was not easy. Until the complete missions never become boring with the game.


Problems while completing tasks

GTA Vice City Mod Apk is free to explore the Open City. If you want to become a criminal, you have to complete and face many problems. For example, a task is provided from a specific location. When you start working on a mission, the police will try to find you everywhere. Once the police have seen you from GTA Vice City, the police added your star. Up to five stars are available in the police system. When you fill a star, a police car will continue you. If you have escaped the police, the stars have automatically decreased. So please stay away from the police and your star is five years old, they will find and plan to kill you. A task contains a shot when the police hear a shooting sound, they arrived from the point of view. It would be better for you to be ready to face a problem. Sometimes the third -party mafia gangs try to kill you while doing tasks. They will come with weapons and try to shoot you. You only have points of life a hundred, so be careful with enemies. From GTA Vice City Mod Apk, the third part of the mafia and the cops are only enemies for you. Yes, because they interrupted while you perform available tasks. Do not kill the cops; Otherwise, you get one and more stars faster. Many hidden scenarios are functional and some traffic appear in the boat.

Different types of weapons

The player must need to know to manage the weapons skillfully. Many different types of weapons are available in GTA Vice City Mod Apk. The player must therefore be known and manage the weapons of the game expert. Many weapons are available, but they need a lot of money to buy. When you have money, you can use the available variety of weapons. Some missions need weapons to destroy the place or defeat the mafia. In addition, some oil tanker missions need a high harmful weapon. Prepare to finish the task for more easily.

Hundred vehicles

In GTA Vice City Mod Apk, you never need to buy vehicles. Weapons you need to buy with the use of money. From GTA Vice City, all dear cars and cars run on the side of the road. You approach the vehicle and click Enter the vehicle to steel. Some vehicles remain in the parking lot or near the building. These are free to drive and you never need permission to drive. GTA Vice City vehicles are very diverse to use. Just use all vehicles available to travel in all areas of Grand Theft Auto.



Rockstar Games made GTA Vice City Mod Apk with high quality 3D graphics. And it looked like real things because everything available is extremely realistic. Until the end of the game, you feel that you are in the film. The interior game scenarios are well optimized for Android users. The quality has never dropped by playing the game. Vehicles, buildings, weapons, roads and more things are really impressive to see. Graphic game lover, never miss the game.

Overall, the GTA Vice City Mod Apk proves this fantastic game in Android. Rockstar Games is one of the best companies to create Explore World Games. Play this fantastic game, create all the tasks available to become a criminal at Vice City. When you start playing this game, you can an incredible experience in criminal and driving skills. In most places you need a vehicle to drive. Download the MOD version below the links of the article available.

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