Idol Queens Production v3.57 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Never Stress/Autoplay]

Idol Queens Production v3.57 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Never Stress/Autoplay]

IntroductionInactive sitting people want to invest in something that will keep them at least busy and will also have serious implications in their careers. Let's explore it in an incredible simulation

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Name Idol Queens Production
Publisher Ltd. Sunbeesoft Co.
Genre Games
Size 960 MB
Version v3.57
Update Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Idol Queens Production is the most famous version in the Idol Queens Production series of publisher
Mod Version v3.57


Inactive sitting people want to invest in something that will keep them at least busy and will also have serious implications in their careers. Let’s explore it in an incredible simulation that we have here. Idol Queens Production is an Idol Manager game that offers you a variety of activities to participate and take advantage of your world class time. A range of activities and talents to immerse yourself in singing, dance, makeup, cosmetics, fashion, etc. And many others so that you can enjoy it with others. It is a simple concept that allows you to engage in activities and train others to improve their skills such as dance and fashion. You can then train them at the beasts where they become famous and gain celebrity status. Events, awards, concerts, seminars and competition make your students more famous and bring you a hell of income. Earn money and explore more business, develop your abilities and perfectly adjust a career for yourself that is full of pleasure and entertainment. Get the incredible game now.

Idol Queens Production MOD APK

Infuse talents among students

You can call trainees or students as you wish, but the concept is based on the fundamental principles of teaching and their lives and their career in their selected gender. They can choose any of their choice, then work with you in the development of talent so that they can achieve things easy and excellent for everything.

Variety of skills to improve

You can choose your love for a skill such as singing, dance, fashion, makeup artists and many others to develop and live it. He will have everything related to your life to be careful, but as a player, you must manage all the skills by playing as a manager. Where you should also make money in the money model, because otherwise things would become difficult for everyone.

Concerts and events to obtain glory and money

Idol Queens Production Mod Apk is a premium game for those who have time to develop and enrich their time. You can participate and organize events and concerts, the mass participation of people will be more likely. These certain events will have great advantages for you because you can earn money as a income from tickets and goods, enjoy the game with your friends and spend your time entertaining others.

Idol Queens Production MOD APK

Manage your interest with incredible features

Users who want to do more games will offer a range of works to do and make them money. This happens as a team where you manage your trainees by forming them in their talent such as singing, play, writing, etc. These developments make them famous when they present their talent and serve you as a business. Enjoy the most elegant gameplay in idol management with incredible features to use.

Sell ​​albums and goods to develop business

The gameplay which is under the spotlight will have many offers for the players. Thanks to its concept, you can earn a lot of money and earn glory with your work. For singers and other talents of this type, it would be advisable to create and then sell albums to earn money and become famous with the development of talent and prestige. Income through many things are the only monetary relief expected.

Develop and enjoy your incredible lifestyle

The game as we know is not limited to certain aspects, but is completely focused on the lifestyle. Where you can get involved in all kinds of management and lifestyle work. To eat on sleep, to earn money and career management, fashion and cosmetics, perspectives and events, everything is like a certain gameplay model where you have to play one by one.

Idol Queens Production MOD APK


Download Idol Queens Production MOD APK to live the pleasure of the following level in the kind of entertainment and inactivity. Explore your talent and development of these skills offered in the game. Have things and participate in activities, challenges and competitive events to earn money and earn glory. The game is not limited to a single aspect and is rather focused on all aspects of life.

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