Lifesum Premium v14.5.0 MOD + APK (Full Unlocked)

Lifesum Premium v14.5.0 MOD + APK (Full Unlocked)

IntroductionThere are growing challenges in public health, inequality, economic and environmental around the world, and everyone is trying today to invest at least an hour per day in their health. We

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Name Lifesum
Publisher Lifesum.
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Size 45 MB
Version v14.5.0
Update Sunday, July 21, 2024
Lifesum is the most famous version in the Lifesum series of publisher
Mod Version v14.5.0


There are growing challenges in public health, inequality, economic and environmental around the world, and everyone is trying today to invest at least an hour per day in their health. We are currently living in the pandemic section, where we must need to support both money and time on health and must survive this difficult period. Well, no one can overcome us either if it is a deadly virus or a gigantic beast since so far, the world has technologically advanced. Currently, we can use many Android applications such as Arogya Setu, Healthline and Lifesum to defeat the pandemic, because everything we need to take care of is our health. Life is an Android + iOS application that helps maintain health, weight and number of nutrients inside our body. You can download this application on the Play Store and can work on your health by the available content. In addition, to make this application more comfortable to work with, we have developed its modified version and published it below to use each smartphone. You will find below the download of the life of the Lifesum mod and can work on your more convenient health with all the premium features unlocked. So go download it now !!!

Lifesum Premium MOD APK

Can you never think that the software can maintain your whole health and can make you pregnancy to adapt, if you are overweight or lean? If not, meet the Lifesum application. It is overwhelming software developed for the operating system, Android and iOS. It was published for the first time in 2011, and so far, it has won over 10 million Android users and also millions of iOS users.

Let’s go to the application, therefore fundamentally, the APK life offers you three different options listed below, and you can choose an appropriate to start the trip –

    <li> Lose weight </li> <li> Maintain weight </li> <li> Gain weight <br> Here you can choose any appropriate option and can start working effectively on your health. It allows you to set goals, work on it and make them possible. To work on your plan, you can use the life journal in which you will get all the daily details containing Kcal, proteins, carbohydrates and water consumers. Everything you need is to enter your daily karma, and that’s it. You can also add exercise details to count the calories burned per day. </li>

Take advantage of all the healthy recipes and fashions

Life is essentially a versatile Android application made up of many modes for each of your Karma. When exploiting this application, we can add all the food details it consumes and it can also know all the information on food, including knowledge of calories, proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, life will suggest the best food to eat depending on your condition. In addition, you can also go into daily water details and can also use various recipes available in the Lifesum application. It contains more than 100 different recipes based on different types of food as vegetarian, eggetarian, vegan and non -vegetarian. Here, you can recognize the recipes for the day before like healthy Christmas cakes, Diwali Sains candies and Eid Kheer Sain. In addition, you can also surf various breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and create them for all family members to improve the number of nutrients in their lives.

Lifesum Premium MOD APK

Summarizes your life with premium features

For those who have never used the Lifesum application; It is a freemium application made up both free and paid subscriptions. In the open or default subscription, you only acquire the necessary food details such as proteins and carbohydrates. On the other hand, the premium version can recognize you of all the details of your food such as vitamins, cholesterol, sodium and potassium. Well, that does not stop here because the premium subscription contains many more features than that free. It costs 733.00 INR monthly or 3050.00 INR for the annual plan and doubts all these features. Elsewhere, you can download the modified version of this application below and can take advantage of all the premium features of LifeSum for free without waste money and an additional second. To find out more about the application features with all the exceptions, read the section below and download the APK MOD to take advantage of it in real.

Take advantage of the practical application interface

The application user interface is the most crucial factor that affects the user’s state of mind when using it. The practical user interface is the most appreciated UIS here, and everyone can use it from any age group. By keeping this in mind, the Lifesum apk mod is developed with the most kind application interface. You can comfortably use all the features available in this application and without wasting money. Take advantage of it !!

Do an entire study on self-healthy

Lifesum MOD APK is one of the only applications including all healthy things and all knowledge of human health. By surfing on this application, you can learn more about the calories you need to improve your health and become in good shape. Well, it is not easy to be in good health, but life mod of life is the solution that can help you make this task the most comfortable karma.

He will recognize you with all the details of food and the study for the importance of different exercises in life. Download it now and start investing time and money on your health, because that’s all you have!

Observe the notes of the food you consume

Notes are the most familiar features of this modified application because they will help you deliver the notation details of each food available in the world. Looking at the notes, you can easily compare, what is good or bad for your health and can try to avoid the worst things that are the worst for your health. So download it now and list all the foods for you to consume daily. To be in a good health!!

Lifesum Premium MOD APK

All additional details on food

Within self-learning, you can also use the Lifesum Mod APK to find out more about the details of the food you consume. The Lifesum application is compatible with you recognize with all the details on your favorite food products, such as fruits, vegetables, eggs and all the other things you eat. While surfing on the life mod, you can know details on calories, proteins, fibers, sugars, saturated fats, unsaturated fats, cholesterol, sodium and potassium you consume.

Lifesum MOD APK is a crucial application everyone needs nowadays, because we live with a deadly virus, and it is too important to defeat it. You can download it now from the link below and can start working on your health today. It will offer you all premium features and an application interface without practical advertising. Go ahead and be healthy !!

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