LightX Pro APK v2.2.0 (Full Premium/Unlocked)

LightX Pro APK v2.2.0 (Full Premium/Unlocked)

IntroductionIf you use a smartphone, you should like to click on photos, because most guys from the smartphone buy it only because of high megapixel cameras. But do you know that megapixels are not th

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Price: $0
Name LightX
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Apps
Size 20 MB
Version v2.2.0
Update Sunday, July 14, 2024
LightX is the most famous version in the LightX series of publisher
Mod Version v2.2.0


If you use a smartphone, you should like to click on photos, because most guys from the smartphone buy it only because of high megapixel cameras. But do you know that megapixels are not the only thing that has an impact on your images? If not, let me tell you about the software. Software also affects quality and texture, and that is why you must download video editing software to modify and immerse the attraction of your images.


Well, there are huge photos to write photos available on Google Play Store, but if you are a beginner and you are looking for a reagent, opt for the LightX photo editor. It is a fully translated Android photo editing application that offers a wide variety of tools as well as resources. To find out more about this impeccable application, browse the entire article and also download the photo editor Lightx Premium Mod Apk for having experienced paid features for free.

Lightx is a perfect photo editing tool for all Android and iOS users because it offers all the tools you need when modifying photos. In addition, it is also proven as the best Android photo retouching application for beginners because it contains more than 100 learning episodes, where you can learn more about colors, tools, image size and pixels. So, if you are a beginner, and even if you know nothing about the photo editing, you must choose this application.

Lightx is one of the 20 best photography applications from Google Play Store containing almost all filters, resources and tools. In addition, it is downloaded by more than 10,000,000 Android users so that you can trust this application without worrying about security problems. It contains a practical user interface which is easily accessible, even if you are a 5th year guy or any other age group. So download this incredible application now and start your photo retouching trip today.

Background cutter and more unusual tools

Lightx is a star application made up of high -tech photo retouching you need to change your photo professionally. It contains many exceptional tools such as the background cutter, the bottom changer, the cutter, the crop, the resisor, the colored splashes, the fusion of photos, the levels, the curve, the dissolving of the spots , all portrait tools, transformation tools, as well as all color tools such as brightness, contrast and shade.

Well, that does not stop here since the LightX photo editor is also known as the Collage Maker and publisher. It allows you to create collages of more than 10 photos with unusual models and grid arrangements. In addition, you can also resize these collages and perhaps adjust the background and the thickness of the collages created. Isn’t that great?


World class resource store

No photo editor can modify your photos without resources, because the resources improve the professional and as well as the appearance of the conceptions. So, here, the LightX photo editor is integrated into thousands of resources in the application, which means that you do not need to download photos, videos and additional effects because everything is already available. After opening the application, you will observe a store icon and a text on the home page, through which you can be redirected to the LightX store.

This store will offer you color splashes, photo effects, stickers, filters, curves, levels, selfie filters, facial styles, hairstyles, photo frames, scratches, as well as various police styles For text in the image. But still there is a problem. All these resources available in the LightX are paid and need hundreds of rupees to unlock. Thus, you can buy them from real or otherwise money, you can also download our LightX Editor Premium Mod Apk modification for having known all premium active ingredients for free.

Pro subscriber Lightx App

You have to think about the surprise application like every article. So today here we have the Lightx Photo Editor Premium Mod Apk for all our designers and photo retouching monsters. Lightx Photo Editor Premium Mod Apk is an exceptional modification brilliantly developed to offer you all the paid tools and as well as free access to the LightX resource store.

Here, using our APK MOD, you can use all the paid features for free even if you need an interface without advertising, paid resources or HD exports. In addition, it is a very consistent application that is compatible with almost all Android devices made until today. You can just use it if you use a rooted or unknown smartphone. So what are you waiting for, go to download it from the most below link.


Export high resolution images

Are you a photo retouching monster and you walk one or more websites to find an HD photo editor? If so, you are currently in the right place. Here, we grant you the Lightx Photo Editor Premium MOD APK in which you can get a large collection of photo editing tools, resources as well as HD export option. So, using this incredible application, you can simply change your favorite photos and save or share them in the highest resolutions. Appreciate!!!

Explore the entire resource market

As we have told you above, LightX is a freemium Android application made up both free and paid features. With the exception of this, LightX also includes a resource store that you can use to download various resources and add them to your images for professionals.

But these resources are damn expensive like hundreds of rupees. However, you don’t have to worry, because after downloading the Lightx Photo Editor Premium Mod Apk, you can use any resource, including filters, stickers and all other things for free.

Go to the edition without interruption

No one can endure the interruption when editing images or videos because it is a creative work and an error can alter all of your image. By keeping this in mind, the Lightx Mod Apk offers an advertising publishing function, according to which you can use all its tools, resources and variety of colors without interruption. He never interrupts you with Banner or with video advertisements. So download it now and start your photo editing trip without interruption.

Support for the magic brush and magic erase

Lightx Photo Editor is a well -known Android application to modify photos. But most people only want it because of its magic brush tool. Basically, the Magic Brush tool is used to erase the background of an image simply. But if you are going to download the official application of the LightX photo editor, you should know that Magic Brush is a paid feature.


Do not worry and download the Lightx Photo Editor Premium Mod Apk. It is a professional photo editing application including the magic brush as well as a magic erasure tool. Must use this tool once on your photos, it will surprise you.

After having traveled the entire article, you can easily recognize the simplicity and fullness of the fullness of the photo editor Lightx Premium MOD APK. This is a premium modified application to provide you with all the paid features for free. So download it now from the link below and install it in your smartphone to take advantage of all of its impeccable features for free. Take advantage !!!

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