NotifyBuddy MOD APK v1.99 [Premium Version Unlocked] for Android

NotifyBuddy MOD APK v1.99 [Premium Version Unlocked] for Android

IntroductionNotify Buddy MOD APK is an incredible application for those who wish to obtain notification tools and exciting features on their smartphones. This replaces a on -board lighting notificatio

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5.0 ( 694 ratings )
Price: $0
Name NotifyBuddy
Publisher XanderApps.
Genre Apps
Size 5 MB
Version v1.99
Update Tuesday, June 18, 2024
NotifyBuddy is the most famous version in the NotifyBuddy series of publisher
Mod Version v1.99


Notify Buddy MOD APK is an incredible application for those who wish to obtain notification tools and exciting features on their smartphones. This replaces a on -board lighting notification application. It’s really cool! It is really easy to configure and use, and it does not consume a lot of battery power supply. It does not stop without apparent reason, and updates do not require that the user returns and resets everything in the way he was before update. This is a significant advantage compared to my previous experience with notification lighting applications, and this is one of the main reasons why I chose it. Informing the Buddy MOD APK application is of first order from all points of view. Most of the time, the latest and new smartphones have no light to indicate when receiving new notifications. This application includes a plethora of capacities, such as \ “symbols, colors, rehearsal options, etc. \”. The coder considered all possible scenarios. The application that is most ideal for all users whose mobile devices are not equipped with a notification LED. Also get the premium publishing because it is well worth the money.

NotifyBuddy MOD APK

Personalizations, in addition to everything else, work wonderfully. Extremely simple and easy to install, as well as offering a lot of individualization possibilities. It’s so cool. Almost as good as possible. Almost … since I occasionally get problems with the black screen (I. While most phones (even Samsung) are no longer delivered with a notification indicator, this application is an excellent substitute. But this would be great to have more options or features to keep different colors for different applications. This definitely prevented me from going crazy with my OCD to maintain order for all my alerts, and it is a great application for All more recent phones that do not have LED design.

Informer Buddy mod apk

Informing the Buddy Mod APK application is fantastic, and I think all people who have Android phones should download it. I think it’s great that developers constantly improve the program. Whenever they update the software, they add new features that make it even more practical and user -friendly. The purchase of the application was a fantastic decision from all points of view. The amount of the value you get for your money is remarkable. I would like to exercise my gratitude to developers. But for those who cannot buy the premium, don’t worry. Because here we offer premium first -rate premium features and exceptional tools to fully use this application and take advantage of everything for free without any advertising.

Bring back memories

Informing Buddy MOD APK is used in real time. Awesome. The most beautiful thing about this is that it does not in any way drain your battery. Only 1% of it is used. Good idea. Those who aspire to the good old days when the LED Blackberry notifications were standard, but the impact of the application on the battery life is moderate rather than excessive on the mobile; an extremely useful application. I love this, but if you could include some additional options, such as the load mode and the full mod load, it would be perfect. <br> What fantastic suggestion! The applications are coded by color so that you can easily identify that which triggers a notification. Whoever came with this idea is a scary genius! ! !

NotifyBuddy MOD APK

Be alert without disruption

It is a great application for those who do not have notification indicators because they alert them when they receive a call or an email from professional contact. Extremely useful when you receive a professional call or an email. Now, with this type of notifications, you will enjoy a fluid and calm lifestyle without any other disturbance. It is sufficiently discreet and I paid the personalization of the additional size;

No battery emptying

Informing Buddy MOD APK does not drain your battery, as most of the applications we use at random. If you are not constantly near your phone, you can increase the time when the notification is displayed at sixty minutes. Overall, you will not have a load on the battery of your device using this application because it is just light and works easily on it. Reduces the number of applications that provide notifications for two: an application for safety alarms and text application. Make sure the parameter for missed calls is activated. Take advantage of everything with this mod version.

NotifyBuddy MOD APK


Incredible, notify Buddy Mod Apk works wonderfully with very little necessary configuration. I want to be able to define a personalized notification color for a certain person if they send SMS or calls or if they send a message via WhatsApp (I don’t know if it is possible for WhatsApp because it has its own parameters of Internal notification), but apart from that, the application works perfectly for me in general! Get this modified version to improve the experience of interaction and fun notifications.

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