Pocket Troops v1.40.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Pocket Troops v1.40.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

IntroductionFrom the House of Heyworks Inc comes the exceptional strategy game with a mixture of humor and tactics. It is a game that hits players' central heart almost every time. It brings immense b

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5.0 ( 438 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Pocket Troops
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited.
Genre Games
Size 210 MB
Version v1.40.1
Update Wednesday, February 14, 2024
Pocket Troops is the most famous version in the Pocket Troops series of publisher
Mod Version v1.40.1


From the House of Heyworks Inc comes the exceptional strategy game with a mixture of humor and tactics. It is a game that hits players’ central heart almost every time. It brings immense battles and wild battles designed on various battlefields. It is a question of being the manager or the commander -in -chief of your own army and troops. You don’t need to explore a kind of answers here; Your only obligation is to recruit the heroes of your team, then train them to deal with the coming situations. On the one hand, is the vast army and the warriors of Dr. Le Evil, which tries to invade your arena. Now you have to recruit powerful warriors and hero teams from six different classes from your team and train them in various categories and modes to become powerful, so that your team can manage opponents in all ways. There are various shortcuts and methods to put power-ups and increase the strength, skills and combos of your team characters to lead them to victory.

Pocket Troops MOD APK

Pocket Troops is a strategic element game where to take care of tricks, bases, characters, teams and all the skills are compulsory. The game has varied nearly six hero classes to recruit, train and make them able to deal with nearly 12 different challenges allocated in gameplay. In amazing graphics and visuals, all the characters seem chic with different costumes and level improvements. Pocket Troops Mod Apk is there, offering the most powerful troops of your team where you can live the fights in the PVP. The fights allow you to radically manage the players against the team from a world range. There is a huge range of powerful and deadly weapons to choose, which includes elite shooters, hunting rifles, grenades, machine guns, a glass glass, a range, AK47, a gatling laser, etc. Choose from the Warriors on the list of 100 fatal fighters.

Pocket Troops mod apk

Pocket Troops Mod Apk is a modified version whose advantages allow you to exercise more control and power in the game with qualified accessories. Take advantage of the game, which is improved in its most important possibility. Unlimited money, coins, gold to unlock more powerful characters for free, powerful skills, upgrades, boosts, superb weapons and cannons, etc. Close free purchases to buy all accessories and equipment from the game shop. There are more than 100 characters to unlock and play with them in your team. Take advantage of the high game in the last development and the emblematic gameplay. All chic tools and skills are available for free. All announcements are blocked so that you can focus on Warrior state of mind and fights; With qualified advantages and premium features, users can take advantage of the large gameplay dealing with characters and fights, training equipment and leisure. No roots are required during the installation of this version.

Pocket Troops MOD APK


Pocket Troops Mod Apk comes with various features and functions to fight the most aggressive fights such as a pro. Take advantage of the war against deadly enemies and with fierce fighters from your team. Get below to find out more about the elements of the game;

Unlock and play with fatal warriors over 100+

The gameplay brings the most influential pleasure while dealing with DR. Evil teams and troops. Here, users play the role of commander -in -chief of the army, where you recruit new warriors and fatal combatants from the available list of more than 100 options. These team warriors provide confidence to face enemies regardless of the situation. Form these warriors with skills and a variety of equipment and weapons to make them able to fight more deeply against enemies. Rivale with players from around the world and win the Wild Mortal Wars.

Pocket Troops MOD APK

50+ skills, fatal weapons, upgrades and training

In the Pocket Troops Mod Apk, you will play the main controller of the army and the team, who will take care of the bad intentions of the enemies. There are around 50 skills that players or your heroes can learn and become able to deal with opponents in the simplest way. Create your teams and become powerful by recruiting your team and making them strong enough. We have to upgrade in a timely time and increase strength. Powerful skills and deadly capacities to make your warriors more powerful, train them with various equipment and weapons to become fatal. Magnificent weapons like AK47, hunting rifle, machine guns, ammunition, grenades, balls, etc. Use these weapons and weapons as more to become powerful.

12+ Missions and challenges to be met, PVP challenges, online players

Pocket Troops Mod Apk offers the most powerful warriors and fatal fighters from your team while training them to face the situation that occurs. 12 missions and challenges offered to users to select and finish them as soon as possible. They destroy the bases of enemies while protecting yours with each competence. The game offers several challenges and weapons to equip and PVP challenges to play against players around the world, which makes you practice more. Fight with your enemies and friends and invite your friends and other foreigners to fight with various weapons and tools. The gameplay is a classic mixture of tactics and elements to deal with problems brilliantly.

Pocket Troops MOD APK


Download Pocket Troops Mod Apk to live the game like Crazy, where you have to recruit the warriors and heroes of your team. Form them and equip them with weapons, upgrades and power-ups to increase their strength and capacity. Fight the deadliest war against Professor Dr. Mal’s team. The most dynamic and exhilarating gameplay with huge violence and battles. More than 12 missions to meet challenges and use various heroes to perform the task allocated. In this mode, take advantage of the premium advantages unlocked and assigned to the commander -in -chief. Take advantage of the game with the highest skills and possible prospects for ferocious fights. The game allows you to mark wild battles.

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