New State Mobile v0.9.56.548 MOD APK + OBB (MOD Menu, No Recoil)

New State Mobile v0.9.56.548 MOD APK + OBB (MOD Menu, No Recoil)

IntroductionDeveloped by PUBG Studio, the brand that has created, designed and developed the battlefields of the favorite fans player, this fantastic mod comes to us as a real flash. A new gameplay, b

Android Android Action
5.0 ( 178 ratings )
Price: $0
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Action
Size 1.3 GB
Version v0.9.56.548
Update Sunday, July 21, 2024
PUBG NEW STATE is the most famous version in the PUBG NEW STATE series of publisher
Mod Version v0.9.56.548


Developed by PUBG Studio, the brand that has created, designed and developed the battlefields of the favorite fans player, this fantastic mod comes to us as a real flash. A new gameplay, better graphics, added characters, additional scenarios and so many improved elements that we can simply get enough. Pubg New State Apkâ is really a force with which you have to count, and here we will show you why it is really worth downloading. In PUBG New State Apk, you will start with 100 players who will not compromise anything to remain the last victorious fighter. You will recover, shoot, fight, kill and do everything else, just so that you can eliminate the 99 other players and win the glorious war game. The game will allow you to use different armor, cannons, vehicles and other consumables, just to have fun, eliminate a few kicks and stay the last man (or woman!) Standing.


What attracts most users in the new PUBG state are the ultra-realistic graphics that its creators have used for the game. Thanks to its famous Global Illumination technology, the rocking survival game has provided a new standard for mobile applications. The combat scenes, the beautiful landscapes, the special articles and the hand -made pistols are all quite realistic, so there can be times when you have to watch the action twice. The new PUBG New APKâ offers the same layout of the open world that fans have already liked. The vast battlefield gives players enormous freedom to explore, run, drive and even plan different strategies to kill opponents, so it’s a pleasant test from start to finish. Thanks to this integration, the MOD gives you the ultimate PUBG experience in the palm of your hands, whatever the system in the system that your mobile device manages (as long as it is not too old!).

Action -based interaction

Before diving deeper into the new APK PUBG, we must first put the spotlight on his shooting game. Yes, violence can be disturbing, but this game does it in a great way. The PUBG rifle game, as the developers have called it, is perfectly suited to maximize pleasure on your mobile device. This is because all the commands are personalized in a very ergonomic design, while the variability of firearms simply makes a more rewarding experience. Thanks to PUBG fixing systems, you can fully personalize and modify the weapons (and their specifications) according to your needs. No more entry into a battlefield with a semi-developed weapon because this game has already released on a member for you. Remember to use this feature!


We cannot be silent with his gameplay

No seriously. Where will you find the new generation interactive gameplay provided by the PUBG New State Apkâ? If the basic game seemed crazy to you, wait until you see what this upgrade has to offer. The main things that stand out from the MOD are the unique mechanisms introduced, which bring players’ interactions to a whole new level. By downloading the new MOD, you can dodge, make drone calls (how cool it is?) And ask for the support of your combat comrades if you are in a dangerous situation. If they decide to help or not, it is entirely their own, but you have total control to make said call. Then you will show them. And, because when the world opened 8×8 becomes a little too much to manage, you can enjoy the hundreds of new vehicles presented with the new MOD. They will help you quickly go to your next goal without worrying about being identified by your opponents. The goals in play will also help you, so you are not content to walk without goal in the open world. You will have various goals to achieve, with the help of which you will really experience once in life, only this time, you can have it each time you reappear.

Larger, wider, better

Many basic game fans have suggested that creators invest in a larger universe, because the predefined conditions they intended to play were simply not enough for pure and hard players. As usual, the developers listened to and ensured that the PUBG New State Apkâ was filled with a notable expansion of the existing universe. With this update, the game takes us to the unruly the year 2051, which presents a brand new battlefield in which you can show your excellent survival skills. Decades after the original plot, this new dimension will only accelerate your senses and refine your skills. So bring your friends, make enemies, create a team and enjoy the big gold fields that are only improving as you go.


There have been a lot of knots for nothing about the requirements to manage the game. Yes, we all know that phones tend to warm up a little when they come into contact with PUBG, but that’s about as much harm you will cause your device. Everything you need is a good operating system, preferably up to date with the latest updates and a lot of will. The rest, you will surely discover as you progress in the game. Be careful, however, because this game is only suitable for adolescents and older glimures because it represents violence by presenting blood and Other occurrences that some people can find disturbing. If it is your cup of tea, release your assault in the Pacific manner! And, once you have participated in a good team, to make you wonderful friends and to some people, we are sure that you will not bother you at all. If you want to download the latest version of the PUBG New State Apk, we suggest you do so by following the link below. Trust us; You will not regret it!

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