RFS – Real Flight Simulator v2.2.0 MOD APK [All Planes Unlocked]

RFS – Real Flight Simulator v2.2.0 MOD APK [All Planes Unlocked]

IntroductionRFS Real Flight Simulator Apk is the best and realistic flight simulation game developed by Rortos. The game developer provides this fantastic game with highly optimized graphics. These re

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5.0 ( 131 ratings )
Price: $0
Name RFS Real Flight Simulator
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Games
Size 347 MB
Version v2.2.0
Update Sunday, May 19, 2024
RFS Real Flight Simulator is the most famous version in the RFS Real Flight Simulator series of publisher
Mod Version v2.2.0


RFS Real Flight Simulator Apk is the best and realistic flight simulation game developed by Rortos. The game developer provides this fantastic game with highly optimized graphics. These realistic animated graphics will be easy to hang this game with everyone. Very famous paid game in Google Play Store, and now this game is available for free on our website. Each day, thousands of flights fly in the sky. Most people cannot travel in flight. Because many flights need a large quantity to fly in flights. But this game avoids the problems for which you have to pay. From this game, you can drive this game without paying the cost to everyone. Become a real plane driver in the virtual world. RFS Real Flight Simulator Apk contains flights that look like realistic flights. Includes tons of weight, the flight stolen in the air. Not easy to control the tons of weight, including flight. For those who have joined new in the use of this application, never worry about driving flights. Because the application gives some instructions to the beginners of the game. The game developer provides understandable instructions for players played. Understand all the flight control to drive carefully to the air.

RFS Real Flight Simulator Apk at the start of you arrived with the plane. Three types of control in the flight track are educated in the instructions. Takeoff and take -out match are the central part of the plane driving. You can use the camera button to modify the airplane direction. If you want to change the viewing angle, click on the camera icon to change the viewing angle. Most players love the interior view of the plane views. Because no one considers the view inside the plane.

In Real Flight Simulator Apk, first of all, you need to start the engine. If your plane has a four engines, you need to activate the four engines. From the screen, you can all the plane commands. Click on the Activate the engine button to start the engine. Turn the Start the engine button for a few seconds. Available plane engines are starting to work. After starting the engines, you are ready to travel by plane. Front and rear equipment is provided on the screen. Turn the equipment for the aircraft ascending, and the plane begins to move on the track. This would help if you needed to increase the plane speed to 100 to remove your plane from the track. RFS Real Flight Simulator Apk contains a takeoff scenario that seems realistic. Turn your mobile to remove your plane from the track. Before the end of the track, you must remove the plane. Otherwise, your plane crashed due to crossing the track. After removing the plane, click the tire button to roll your tires on the plane. Because plane tires are no longer necessary while traveling in the air. After flying in the air, your direction will appear on the small screen. This management tool only shows the eastern, west, north and southern departments only. So follow the brand to drive the plane with the brand. Otherwise, you miss your original driving path.

Beautiful scenario

RFS Real Flight Simulator Apk provides high quality graphics with a fantastic scenario to each user. When you start traveling in the air, you can see the real scenario of the clouds. You feel the real scenario of this game. Hats off to the developer for providing precise and realistic animations to Android users. There are many games available in Google Play Store. But these do not seem realistic. But this simulator game works and looks like a real simulator game. You look at the compass to control your plane without distraction. Follo = W The arrow brand to access the plane. When you cross the plane route, you will go on the wrong path.

Whatever you remove the track from the track, but landing is necessary for specific control. RFS Real Flight Simulator Apk needs specific control to land your plane on the track. Don’t worry. They provide you with additional visualization. Follow the boxes to accurately land your plane. When you don’t follow the guides, your plane will touch the floor directly. So carefully manage the plane to accurately land the plane. Before landing the plane, you need to check the speed and speed of the plane quickly destroy your plane. To control the plane with the right speed. When you travel, the track will appear. RFS Real Flight Simulator Apk gives you some instructions to control the plane during landing. You must reduce the speed of the plan and control the speed up to 120. This is correctly accelerated to land the plane on the track. This would help if you avoided landing gears before landing. Plane tires must need to land on the track. Turn carefully and title the screen to land the plane perfectly.


RFS Real Flight Simulator Apk comes with optimized high quality graphics. While traveling with flights, you can see beautiful scenarios with clear quality. The quality of the graphics is never compressed and it seems more realistic. Each of the available flights is in good quality, so the conceptions of planes are fantastic. Real planes are included in this game. So you can have several planes with different types. Yes, there are a lot of plane models available in this game. For example, an airplane contains two engines, four engines, six engines, and more. These plans are therefore included in this application.

In the upcoming levels, you can unlock army planes in Real Flight Simulator APK. When you start to increase your skills, you can unlock the many planes available for the reader. This simulation is the best and most realistic simulation game on Android. It will make a new story in the category of game simulation on Android. Nothing of the quality of the plan and the design of the elements of the quality of the elements has never increased. You can feel the real flight driver from this application. The plane’s right side screen shows the realistic scenario, the night scenario and more. Most of the scenarios you have seen in the sea scenario. Because many countries are available in the sea.

Sound quality

Whatever the RFS Real Flight Simulator Apk made with high quality graphics, the sound quality is the most important. Yes, the developer adds that realistic flights are sound in perfect places. When you start activating the engine, you can hear the engine sound. In addition, you can hear the different sounds while viewing the different angles. For example, if you change the angle of the plane, you can hear a different sound. The sound quality and clarity are therefore made with 3D sound quality. Developer hat for providing high quality 3D sound effects.

Overall, we have covered all the detailed information on the RFS Real Flight Simulator APK. This excellent and worthy realistic simulator game on Android. Try this fantastic game to become a virtual pilot in the game. We finish all levels to get the highly qualified plane driver. With realistic graphics, you can see all high quality elements. By traveling in the air, you see beautiful European scenarios. Try this fantastic simulation game on Android. The game was available in the Google Play Store for a large quantity. We provide this game for free. Download the best simulation game below the available links of the article.

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