Scandal: Interactive Stories v4.9 MOD APK [Unlimited Diamonds/Premium]

Scandal: Interactive Stories v4.9 MOD APK [Unlimited Diamonds/Premium]

IntroductionSuper interactive video game! You will like the design of illustrations and also drama and also its incredible tales are so great. I have been playing role-playing games for a few years an

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5.0 ( 623 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Scandal
Publisher Role Playing Story Games with Choices Apps.
Genre Games
Size 75 MB
Version v4.9
Update Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Scandal is the most famous version in the Scandal series of publisher
Mod Version v4.9


Super interactive video game! You will like the design of illustrations and also drama and also its incredible tales are so great. I have been playing role-playing games for a few years and I honestly believe that Scandal Mod Apk will be a wonderful add to other interactive role-playing games … Maybe the following levels or secrets. Scandal Mod Apk is an excellent enchanting and enchanting computer game to play when you need a break in your busy life. With immersive and engaging graphics, it is a role -playing game where it seems that every detail has been taken into account – even if there are limitations! The stories become more captivating as each level progresses, which makes a pleasant experience without being too difficult or difficult (unlike reality). You will certainly appreciate all the dynamic choices.

Scandal MOD APK

It is an exciting and interactive history game with enormous potential. I am currently on chapter 4 of School for Scandal and I am instantly hung how pleasant this game is. The large number of different stories that this application can offer is intriguing; There is a potential for romance, thrillers, action and many other stories such as Love Island Scandal or something similar. I really hope that there will be more episodes and stories published on this application and I can’t wait to finish school for the scandal! I am a big fan of the style of the characters. Addictive game based on choice! Like the look of the game based on the choice of adventure and its fun setting with romance, political drama and even a little adventure. Gossip Girl reminded me! There are secrets to discover in this prestigious and along the way, you meet attractive people (men and women), friends and enemies. So many incredible choices. What I like most about School for Scandal is all the choices it offers: to choose your sex.

Excellent scenario that continues

The story is really well designed and the different characters allow you to understand you. I want one day, the authors can create a fan fiction for an interactive romance! It makes visualization much more personal! ! I love all the choices, as well as the fun and adorable outfits of the interactive stories of the rumor. Fun game with a lot of twists and turns. People will certainly love this interactive history game because it has the perfect quantity of romance and adventure. The chapters are really pleasant to play and the choices are intriguing. I look forward to more episodes and, of course, more characters’ outfits. I also love that the application has a distinctive feeling of all the other game game applications.

Different choice at each step

good game! ! As a child, I really liked to read books of choice of choice and was a little addicted to games like Sims. It looks like the adult version of it. Not only can you dive into drama and romance, but also choose whoever you want to be and what you want to look like. I love all the different choices that Scandal offers, and all the episodes and updates of the chapters are so great! I also like that they have added a closet, so you can always change your outfit.

Scandal MOD APK

Superb characters

Cool history game, various looks. Many interactive history games offer you options when you choose your character, but I was very excited when I learned that this application also offers an Asian character! Usually, I don’t play a character who looks like me, so it was a huge plus! You will love the newly added stories and chapters when they have updated the scandal. Beautiful game with beautiful choices and chapters. You can start as a male woman or main character. It’s really fun to choose your own story and the character you want to be there. Although I knew the secrets and the complex scenario at that time, I have always become VIP because it gives you even more choice for the scenario! Who wouldn’t want to end up in a hot shower with their hot roommates? Certainly one of the best interactive history games with excellent episodic content.

Romance, drama and politics

I am really impressed by the exceptional quality of interactive stories. They contain both captivating romance chapters and exciting dramas and much more. One of my favorite features of this application is that the choices are exciting and that the chapters are not too short. It is an extremely pleasant interactive story game! There are so many options to choose! If you are a fan of games of choice with chapters or choices, you should certainly try School for Scandal! For the moment, there is only one story available, but it is very good and I predict that they will soon publish additional stories. Unlike other games, you have the possibility of selecting with whom you would like to be romantically involved, instead of being limited to the main character and balance. In addition, you can choose between a male or female protagonist. It’s a really entertaining game!

Scandal MOD APK


Fun application to choose your own love. The free choices are nice and you are not really limited, like other interactive history applications. I love romantic stories, like my billionaire boss or school for scandal, where the premise is that you start university and you are looking for a romance. Download the Mod Apk Premium scandal with funny scenarios in one.

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