Shelter 69 v1.5.503 MOD APK (Menu, God Mode, Money, Weak Enemy)

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The game of refuge 69 consists in creating and taking control of your own universe with the use of superior surveillance and excellent artistic talent. You can easily make the best choices to develop the bunker equipped with all full capacity and living equipment to establish a pure and happy lifestyle in its access by using your own intuitions and selecting interactive things from options Available. Emerging underground that will protect you from potentially dangerous areas. Powerful scenarios and beautiful shows offer pleasures, and the arrangement of all the different types of facilities and services makes users in its own right with the advantages of improving lifestyle. Build a pleasant life by providing necessities such as food, refuge, clothes, a place to live and other necessities such as sports and entertainment, pleasure and pleasant activities.

The gameplay in the Apk of Shelter 69 MOD is more authentic because for the possibilities of extended and more fascinating personalization of the game. Users will love the aesthetics and the breathtaking graphics of the game, in particular those of the bunkers and the landscape. Bring more survivors and put them to work so that you can provide the essentials for their survival in exchange. Efforts must be put on the growth of your planet by recruiting additional survivors and building installations for them. The gameplay offers you the opportunity to engage in fights, trade and exchange objects with other bunkers belonging to online mode players, attack them and take everyone if you are victorious. You can interact with breathtaking women, take them out and use them to your advantage while sharing items and products with each other. Have fun and enjoy everything your world has to offer with attractive women by your side. Exchange things and build your wealth while expanding your lifestyle.

Shelter 69 MOD APK

A different version of the original game, Shelter 69 Mod Apk provides players with the tools and resources necessary to build an entirely functional underground bunker that is immune to the effects of nuclear war. Users would need a significant sum of money, the possibility of recovering previously poorly placed objects and the development of new capacities and products in order to maintain their ability to live in this place. The highest quality installations and food products, as well as clothing and refuge. These activities require monetary investment. Therefore, this modified version satisfies all your requirements, allowing you to enjoy lifestyle fashion. You have access to free purchases where you can buy anything in the game store, all characters and skills are unlocked, you have an unlimited amount of money to buy all accessories, clothing and food products, you can Easily call on new survivors and all you can allow them to live easily. Simple communication and transactions with players belonging to various groups. Have fun with this fantastic game that combines construction and management.


SHELTER 69 MOD APK users have access to a variety of functionality and tools that simplify and speed up their work respectively. Examine them, and if you like them, join …

Build and establish your own foundation.

Users must build and manufacture their base or a nuclear evidence to avoid conflicts and potential problems in the world. The establishment of life to prevent new losses of life by increasing the number of survivors and making other preparations for their lifestyle. Therefore, everything you might need, including subsistence, clothes, a place to sleep and all accessories, will be provided, and the bunker will have to be widened in order to look more like a business.

Engage a more in -depth conversation with the girls.

Interacting with the girls of the game is one of the most strategic and crucial aspects of the game. When you come here, you will be delighted with the process of interaction with women and find ways to have fun with them. Your existence in the underground bunker will be much more exciting and pleasant with these superb women, as well as with new additions. Users will love this feature more than anything else because of the fact that there are more hidden shades inside the lines so that they can face and can feel more physical delights.

Participation in the economic activities of other organizations

Users will also have the possibility of communicating in online mode with more players and their bunkers, because Shelter 69 is more designed for a state of mind and a frame of reference. You can beat them and take their planet by exchanging and exchanging goods and stuff with them for money and products while doing trades and exchanges with them for things and articles. Combat capacities are also accessible and used in this environment, adding to the general pleasure.


You can take advantage of the construction of your own environment from zero by downloading the Shelter 69 Mod APK. Bring survivors and additional individuals to start living and providing jobs so that they can make arrangements for their own food and their own life agreements in exchange for their work. I make a concerted effort to create a new world and an existence for me here. With new professions, work, life products, food and equipment, high quality tools and benefits for its lifestyle. This application has everything you need to have fun chatting with other women. In this modification, the presence of a variety of products and accessories simplifies the gameplay.

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