Speechify MOD APK v1.78.9265 [Premium Unlocked] for Android

Speechify MOD APK v1.78.9265 [Premium Unlocked] for Android

Introduction:Hey, are you looking for an application that reads your boring document? Then allow me to present you an application whose name is exempt. Speechify is a vocal text application that uses

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5.0 ( 480 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Speechify
Publisher Speechify - Text To Speech | Dyslexia Reading.
Genre Apps
Size 110 MB
Version v1.78.9265
Update Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Speechify is the most famous version in the Speechify series of publisher
Mod Version v1.78.9265


Hey, are you looking for an application that reads your boring document? Then allow me to present you an application whose name is exempt. Speechify is a vocal text application that uses AI to transform any text into audio so that users can listen to it every time and as they wish. This application supports all documents of documents such as text, including books, articles, web pages, emails, documents, PDFs and various other forms. You cannot copy and paste your text into this application, and dispection will convert the text into audio format, which you can then listen to any device. In this application, you will obtain integrated features, as you can increase and decrease the speed of the text. Speechify works a vocal text function in addition to an OCR function (optical character recognition) which allows users to require an image of any text and to have it converted instantly into audio format. For those who have trouble reading printed text or prefer to hear the text rather than reading it themselves, this functionality is amazing.

Speechify MOD APK

Speechify mod Apk is the best application I have ever used for dyslexia. It was of a huge help and I want it to be even more useful offline, as it is online. It would be an excellent asset for couples or singles who try to find out more about dyslexia. It would be even better if it could help us know more about our abilities with dyslexia and how we can use them as well as possible. Sometimes dyslexia can be confusing and difficult to organize and understand. I am incredibly grateful to have dispensed mod apk in my life because it is so useful. It would be even better than it could be more user -friendly and personalized to facilitate the use of everyone. I am sure that with some additional improvements, it would be an invaluable tool for many people.

What is the APK MOD mod:

If you download Speechify from other platforms, you will not get all its features. You will pay first, then you can use the features. But if you don’t want to pay for its premium features, this application is for you. With the help of the APK Mod dispensed, you can use all premium features. You don’t have to pay at all. This application will help you save money. This application also provides a service without advertising. You can listen to without any disturbance. Then download the Apk Speechify mod to our website and take advantage of it. Hey, stop and listen to more features. A number of additional features are also available via MOD APK’s speech to strengthen the user experience. For example, you will create lists for reading your favorite content for simple listening and save your progress so that you are getting back where you stopped at any time. In addition, the application supports several languages, so even if something is written in a different language, you always hear it in your favorite language.

Get all recent updates

I love using the Speechify Apk mod! It was so useful for me to listen to my favorite web / light novels by sticking the web link or by compiling all the chapters of a volume to a Word document. It was a great way to listen to for hours at a time, and I can switch between the devices, my PC or my mobile. Unfortunately, recently, the application crashed randomly on my mobile, and it did not remember my subscription. Fortunately, after the recent updates, most of the problems have been resolved, although it still blocks once per hour. I am relieved that he now remembers my subscription, which is a huge plus.

Speechify MOD APK

Jump through long pieces of text

Speechify mod apk is an excellent tool for jumping quickly through long pieces of text. Although I have encountered problems when starting the application, it generally works very well and saves me a lot of time. I also noticed a static noise when my phone goes out, but I think it’s just a problem with my phone and not the application itself. In general, I highly recommend MOD APK’s discourse for anyone needing a quick and effective way to go through large amounts of text.

AI voice with much superior quality

As a person who is dyslexic and who has had trouble in the past with the search for audio books, I can tell you that you can transform practically anything into a audio book. The premium version offers an AI voice with a much higher quality than the voices of the slightest quality. I think it would be really cool if you could import images for books of books as an additional feature, although it is not necessary. Alternatively, you can use Apk Mod Apk for free, without having to spend money on the Premium version. However, I would highly recommend the Premium version due to the improvement of quality. It will make the experience of listening to much more pleasant audio books!

Creation of audio files for your notes

I only used text to speak to scan text from books and listen to it when I am too tired to read. It works surprisingly well, as long as you refer the scanned photo to get rid of all photos or diagrams. It takes a while for each scanned image to be transcribed with precision, so the digitization of an entire book would take some time. But it is ideal for creating audio files of your notes or special pages in manuals to study later. It is an awesome APK of Mod which can be very practical for occupied students who need to absorb quickly and conveniently.

Speechify MOD APK


Overall, Speechify Mod Apk is an exceptional and advanced application that gives an answer to the growing demand for audio content. This is a superb option for anyone who wishes to listen to the written content on the move because of its user -friendly interface, its personalization options and its integration with other applications and services.

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