State of Survival v1.20.50 MOD APK (Menu, Money, Free Skill, High Damage)

State of Survival v1.20.50 MOD APK (Menu, Money, Free Skill, High Damage)

IntroductionThere are many survival games in the game arsenal. However, only very few survival games have quality graphics, fascinating music, a compatible user interface and an epic gameplay lately a

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5.0 ( 870 ratings )
Price: $0
Name State of Survival
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Games
Size 210 MB
Version v1.20.50
Update Monday, June 24, 2024
State of Survival is the most famous version in the State of Survival series of publisher
Mod Version v1.20.50


There are many survival games in the game arsenal. However, only very few survival games have quality graphics, fascinating music, a compatible user interface and an epic gameplay lately after crossing various games of survival and a lot of game tested by trial. Today, we have found the most advanced and excellent game, the state of survival. Yes, this game offers you a higher level game experience that you have never lived before. State of Survival is a fantastic survival strategy game developed by King’s Group Holding Company. You can easily calculate the craze of any match by watching the notes and the user base, and you will become surprising after having known the fantastic statistics of this game. The survival state contains more than 4.4 stars and millions of user basis around the world. Only very few games have the quality of maintaining such a robust positive note with a large user base.

State of Survival MOD APK

State of Survival Games offers everything that each player wants. Nothing will disappoint his quality works, whether you talk about graphics, music, script or gameplay. Overtime when you sign this game for longer hours, it will become very addictive. One most important thing is that the game has such a big scenario. Interesting plots that you never get bored even by playing for months and months, even after competition of all levels, it becomes difficult to get rid of this game because of its service and its fantastic quality world. In the game, fatal viruses infected the city and the state of the day in the city worsens. People turn into zombies and hunters kill the one who avoids becoming zombies. Zombie terrors and horrors have continued in the past six months. You are responsible for saving the city’s peoples to let them escape from this horror city. You may think of the way I will do such a task and help you in this trip to become the survivor of ultimate superheroes. We are all here with the state of survival MOD APK on this subject, you will know it in the next paragraph.

The survival state MOD APK is the modified and alternative variant of the official survival state, where you will appreciate tons of premium advantages for free. You are a survivor for your loved ones and all city dwellers; The days pass, and the monster becomes stronger day by day. Build a team that can fight with dangerous monsters and save your loved ones, simultaneously increasing your domination area. You are now well aware that the survival state MOD APK offers you a more complete range of premium advantages, including unlimited money, unlimited energy, unlocked weapons and many others. Other beautiful premium things will help you a lot in this adventurous journey of this adventurous travel game. With this APK mod, you have an unfair advantage on your rivals, and you can quickly become the ultimate winner of the game. You will also have a lot of time to explore many different landscapes in the game.

Survive in the most important war

You are in the most important battle where each of your decisions will decide the future of everyone in your city. Create a better future for your city by surviving the most important war and making a dangerous mission to save a life without fear. In addition, in the survival state MOD APK, you have obtained a powerful unlimited weapon support system, so pull on each monster and each evil person with your large weapons. Do whatever you want to do, use weapons, strategy and any hidden technique, but the main objective would remain the same is that you have to survive until the end. The resources are rare: life food, health packs and tools. You only have a limited supply of necessary resources, so you must kill all the zombies in your region and go to the neighboring room, where you get more food and other resources.

State of Survival MOD APK

Rebuild City and Rescue Citizens

People are looking for superheroes and a miracle power that can save them from these dangerous ailments. Many people are dead, and many are fighting, hoping that someone would come to save them. In the survival state mod Apk, the more people you save, the more you win. Continue to save people from these bloodthirsty zombies. You have a miraculous power compared to all citizens. This is why you can only save everyone from this apocalypse. In the absence of the army and other powers, start developing your first establishment to form a paradise for your rescued people. You would need a good place where you will adjust all the rescued people. Find a palace that has the slightest chance that the zombies can go to this place and on this palace, start to rebuild your city. Yes, it will be difficult and long, but it will be worth it when you have all the power of the superhero. In addition, the MOD APK survival state with its premium advantages, allows you to easily enjoy this game at the following levels.

Go to the global arena.

State of Survival Mod Apk offers a multiplayer fashion system to invite your family and your friend to join the team to save the city of dangerous zombies. Zombies will be more vital day by day if you don’t kill them very early. So be a strong assault during the game in a short time. You have to kill a dozen zombies. Filming is not the only option you need to have to design an appropriate plan to dismantle this apocalypse of zombies. The force belongs to the number. If your zombies become a greater number, it will become difficult for you to dominate the city. In survival, defending it, you can explore many different territories. Make allies and invite a global player to forge strategic partnerships to win this ultimate wild war. Your survival is at stake, so take it with casualness, always be in the assault and finish each enemy that comes on your way.

State of Survival MOD APK

Survival state: Zombie apocalypse is a fantastic game that contains everything that is classic, including quality graphics and robust gameplay. The story is fascinating where you have work to save everyone and you yourself harmful wild zombies. However, to make your trip much more accessible, we are all here with the state of survival Mod Apk with all the premium advantages, including unlimited, unlimited weapons, no advertisements, and many others without having any click On the survival state MOD APK Download the button and take advantage of it.

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