Tanks A Lot MOD APK v6.000 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Ammo)

Tanks A Lot MOD APK v6.000 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Ammo)

IntroductionTanks Many Mod Apk is done with a new concept shooting game in Android. Each Android user and player has tried many multiplayer games such as PVP shooting, car fights, flight battle, etc.

Android Android Action
5.0 ( 348 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Tanks a Lot
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Action
Size 180 MB
Version v6.000
Update Sunday, April 7, 2024
Tanks a Lot is the most famous version in the Tanks a Lot series of publisher
Mod Version v6.000


Tanks Many Mod Apk is done with a new concept shooting game in Android. Each Android user and player has tried many multiplayer games such as PVP shooting, car fights, flight battle, etc. But the developer made this game with tank battles. Start the new battle between tank fights. In addition, the developer made the Game Tank War based on the war of the German tank. Look for Google on the war of German tanks to understand history. This game based on history is a lot of tanks. During the Second World War, there were Mank tanks used to attack another country by Germany. No, their games are available in Google Play Store like this game.

Tanks Many Mod Apk is a tank battle game in real time on Android. The Boom IT team is the publisher and developer of this game. Some tank games are made with simple shooting methods such as classic tanks. But this game was made with an exciting and exciting battle mode. The large 3D combat arena will offer new experience in gameplay. Place the tank in the right place to start the battle in real time. Make the bullets to reduce the life of the opponent’s reservoir. Destroy all the enemy touch of tanks to defeat enemy tanks. Oppy enemies are made of high power tanks. They will use the money to improve the health points of the tank.

Tanks a lot of APK mod is made with online multiplayer mode. So, each new match, you will face an active enemy player. The opponents also play like you. Be careful at any time and ready to defend themselves against their attacks. Up to 3 players can be authorized in battle. The battle occurred between these three players joined. By match, three players (including you) were only allowed for a single battle. The opposing players also have good skills in the fight. Thus, never underestimate the player by fighting the mode. The strategy is a must to get victory in each match. Yeah, put the tank in the ideal place to attack the enemy tank behind. Use a tactical means of destroying the tanks.

Inside the tanks, a lot of game mod Apk, many obstacles and rocks will help your reservoir hiding from the enemy. It is an excellent feature for all players. Without hiding enemies, no easier to get the victory in the current match. Take advantage of the rocks to save the health of the fire attack. The enemies try to attack continuously, so put yourself covered with the rocks. Tussock is the best place to hide your enemy tank. This is a personal question of the game, so play Tassock to save your reservoir health points. Never stay in the same place; Use the joystick button to go to another place. When the tank is not sometimes attacked, the HP of the tank will take the time to recover.

Attractive tanks and powerful weapons

Tanks Many Mod Apk offers many reservoirs of different capacity and high power weapons. There are hundreds of new healthy tank and high power weapons available in the game. Use money to buy new tanks to increase healthy life. Inside, the gameplay was filled with attackers and defense through bombs and cannons. Some tanks are delivered with machine guns. This needs a standard place to use machine guns. Equip the weapons available in the store to create an unbeatable tank for you. Many weapons have different capacities and power. Some weapons attack the enemy long -term and short -term. I prefer a rocket launcher for long-range attacks.

At the start of the tanks a lot of APK Mods, you can arrive with a simple tank. This tank will no longer contribute to future levels. This would help if you had a higher tank and very damaging weapons. So buy the new tank for all matches. Then choose the right weapon to attack all armored tanks. By choosing the tank with health points, high power and durability. These three things only need each battle. Do not choose lighter tanks for battles. Because these tanks only move faster but faster to destroy by enemies. So use huge tank weighted in the attack. Use many weapons for face to face the enemy in each match.

Make a team with friends

Tanks Many Mod Apk offers a team function with friends. It is an excellent feature of the game. The player can play the match with his friends. Invite friends to join the new battle. Up to 2 friends can join the match. The opposing team must also invite friends to play. The name of each game player is mentioned on the side of the tank. A target point has been currently set. The players divided into two teams. What team first ends the points to win the current battle? The winning team will receive many quantities of awards. The runner will get a certain reward.


Tanks Many Mod Apk has attractive graphics in game mode. From start to end, the player can feel new 3D animation graphics. The tanks and objects provided are made with high quality 3D graphics animation. The game developer creates the animation of shooting balls. Inside the battle mode, you can see this high quality 3D graphic arena. This Arena 3D look will offer a new user experience in the game. Never get bored more quickly because the graphics will be made perfect in this game. Hats to the developer of the game for providing high quality premium graphics.

Overall, we have covered all the detailed information on the tanks a lot Mod APK. This is an excellent online multiplayer game on Android. The superior quality of graphics will offer a fantastic user experience. Join the new players and friends to make battles with friends. Buy and improve the ability of the tank to become an unbeatable player in all matches. According to the original version, you have limited ammunition in battle times. Use our MOD version to get unlimited ammunition in battle hours. Download the MOD version from the available links of the article.

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