Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK v1.2.1 [Unlimited Money/Gems]

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK v1.2.1 [Unlimited Money/Gems]

IntroductionTasty Planet Forever Mod Apk is an action game application published by Dingo Games. It's a very interesting game and players can experience a unique gameplay here because this game offers

Android Android Action
5.0 ( 356 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Tasty Planet Forever
Publisher Dingo Games.
Genre Action
Size 35 MB
Version v1.2.1
Update Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Tasty Planet Forever is the most famous version in the Tasty Planet Forever series of publisher
Mod Version v1.2.1


Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk is an action game application published by Dingo Games. It’s a very interesting game and players can experience a unique gameplay here because this game offers a very exclusive and strange type of task to its players. It is a game where players can enjoy a lot of fun and exciting tasks. The game is to eat everything available on the planet just to clean the places. The players will have different items to eat and the story of the game begins with the owner of the luxury hotel, he needs a cat to eat all the mice present at the hotel, but unfortunately, this cat begins to eat Everything he sees and everything available at the hotel. In the basic levels of the game, Cat can only eat a few things from the hotel which are smaller, but as you will have access to higher levels, CAT will start to eat all the types of available items, which it either small or large. When a cat eats larger items, then automatically, its size will increase and it will be larger than before. Each level of the game is different from each other and asks to meet different challenges and tasks.

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK

In order to reach the higher levels of the game, players must accomplish all the tasks and challenges given to them. At the fifth level of the game, the task of eating macaroon is given to players and they just need to eat only unpurred macaroons to go to the upper level. Other levels of the game are similar to the fifth level because you should avoid eating poisoned objects, otherwise you will lose this particular level.

Nourish your cat and eat everything

Depending on the command, let your cat eat everything that happens in the path. There are hundreds of articles and things to eat, including cockroaches, fish, dishes, food, cutlery, people, insects and all that you can get your hands. Nourish this cat increases its size and therefore the environment is growing and start to offer new items to eat. In this way, the game gets progression where many and some things wait to avoid or your cat will die. Otherwise, eat everything to get more areas and items to appreciate. However, things will not be so easy for you because you have to enter the article to eat and sometimes these items are from time to time, so this requires a minimum of dedication to stay in the game.

Avoid poison and certain objects to stay in the game

Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk is a very entertaining game application that allows its players to eat everything that is present in the environment, but little things they need to avoid eating because such things contain poison in This is why the cat dies and you get out of the level. Many other different characters are also available in the game so that his players can choose them so that you can change your Cat character to any other rat, bees, Octopus, etc. clean and safe surroundings.

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK

Variety of characters to appreciate with Awesome Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk

The game concerns the homelessness and exploration of the world and to taste everything that this world has to offer. Vegetarian stuff with non -vegetable and raw animals, insects and creatures. It’s about having a taste for the world. Here, this wonderful application facilitates the number of characters to choose to eat and the number of characters as a host. As there are dingo dogs, cats, sharks, octopus, etc. With which you can play to eat everything and it also includes a number of articles to eat, including beautiful and raw creatures. This great game is really great in terms of exploration and stuff to appreciate.

World tasting experience with its unlocked version

Because it is a tailor -made version of the game, the file is called the Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk file. This mod Apk version already has all the animals and accessories of the game unlocked for free, and it offers you quick access to hundreds of these accessories. Therefore, you have the possibility of selecting the role you want to play and also upgrade the timely time. Increase in the size of a click and an environment, consuming many products and in new gfetting has demolad all of this and the gameplay without advertising, so take advantage of this fantastic game as soon as you can for the best experience.

Tasty Planet Forever MOD APK


The set of games known as Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk is very attractive software. In this game, the player’s goal is to consume everything in his surrounding region, which allows them to keep their environment clean and free from pollution. The game is quite simple to collect and play, and players can have fun with it by downloading it for free on the Google Play Store and installing it on their Android smartphones. Due to the fact that it is a personalized version of the game, its players have access to all the premium features which are included in the game. Players have access to a variety of levels, each presents a unique set of ‘Obstacles and objectives to be achieved. You can earn an unlimited sum of money and improve a variety of game resources.

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