They Are Coming v4.0.1 MOD APK (All Guns Unlocked) for Android

They Are Coming v4.0.1 MOD APK (All Guns Unlocked) for Android

IntroductionThere are a number of games that take place in the sections of zombies, but it has its own perfect requirements to treat zombies. They come APK has its own unique look when it comes to tre

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5.0 ( 662 ratings )
Price: $0
Name They Are Coming
Publisher Rollic Games.
Genre Games
Size 90 MB
Version v4.0.1
Update Sunday, May 19, 2024
They Are Coming is the most famous version in the They Are Coming series of publisher
Mod Version v4.0.1


There are a number of games that take place in the sections of zombies, but it has its own perfect requirements to treat zombies. They come APK has its own unique look when it comes to treating with zombies. You will be continued by waves of dangerous zombies that will kill you or infect you. The world that has been left after the apocalypse is in charge of danger and death, and everyone is fighting for their lives to see another day. Take advantage of the most improved gameplay of all time, full of weapons, firearms and other types of firearms, as well as other articles. This fatal gameplay brings fantastic battles with him against zombies. Locate shelters in strategic places, keep your strength, adapt to changing circumstances and cultivate your charisma in order to survive the attacks. Build the accommodation where you can relax and watch the great tactical battles. With a fight that is easier to understand and consists of zombie waves that are both fatal and varied in difficulty. Unlock the new and more powerful characters through defensive commitments and the use of firepower and weapons such as the M1928 and M1 Garand, as well as other articles such as the survivor costume and the folding chair. Take pleasure in this exciting journey which gives players the opportunity to compete against zombies and hordes of other opponents.

They Are Coming MOD APK

New levels and steps are made up of different types of war of variable types. With the most effective defensive fights to fight and the organization of the most effective resources. Build a strong defense to protect people like you and to wipe these zombies with hunger of human flesh. The only approach to establish an incredible defense for your team and meet the challenges presented by this zombie world is to use turrets. Organize your articles, resources and allies to eliminate zombies in a distinctly you.

They come Mod Apk

They come Mod Apk is an alternative version which comes with a significant increase in the ability of damage as well as unlocking powerful skills, allowing players to fight more intuitive against zombies. This is the most advanced version of the MOD, which offers players new advantages to compete with the rest of the crowd. In the world after the apocalypse, there are many powerful weapons and firearms, armor and bombs, and unlocked turrets that can be used to develop and create substantial establishments in defense bases. This is an advertising version that provides you with the ultimate flow of adversaries management and shooting in style. In this unlocked version, you will get free purchases to buy items such as firearms, firearms, clothes, supplies, etc. Users who access God are rewarded with an increased number of lives as well as intuitive opportunities to win new equipment, clothing and other articles. Financial resources without restriction in order to unlock new characters and upgrade their power, talents and their existing physical prowess.


They come Mod Apk is full of some of the most useful features and tools, allowing players to go further than ever in addictive action against a wide variety of enemies, including zombies. Investigate the gameplay in its most improved form, as explained more below;

They Are Coming MOD APK

Develop formidable defensive mechanisms and equipment.

This fantastic game has a number of clear conflicts in which players have to face and push the zombies. The wave of zombies, each with its own appearance and its unique tactics, has just made things more difficult for you. The new, more powerful and more competent opponents bear with them additional challenges to be overcome. Therefore, build incredible combinations of attacks and defenses to prevent human races from being infected. If you want to be able to face more deadly confrontations, you must have premium weapons at hand.

Unlock new weapons, talents and forces, as well as improving existing weapons.

Users of their arrival MOD APK are necessary to engage in an intense fight in order to save the humanity from the horde of zombies coming in the opposite direction. You will need to use a wide variety of strategies and combos if you hope to prevail against the living dead. Only the most powerful weapons and recently acquired skills will be effective against waves. Improve and unlock new turrets, accessories, pistols and arms, armor and bombs, skills and forces, and more; Enter the opportunity to achieve a single supremacy with the help of skills and upgrades. Organize various resources for your survival.

Fight the living dead and stay alive with your allies.

In order for users to survive in this severe environment full of zombies, they will have to organize resources and find them in various places. Build a house and various shelters in order to stay alive overnight, to bring together supplies and weapons and you rely on your allies for support when things become difficult. Kill these zombies and establish your command on the situation, and make sure everyone gets part of their time by dividing survival tasks.

They Are Coming MOD APK


You can fight zombies in a new way if you download, they come Mod Apk and install it on your device. Explore the many different types of games that can be unlocked and fight your enemies with all the ferocity you can bring together. Unlock new rifles, bobs and turrets, as well as weapons and firearms. Immerse yourself in this endless gaming strategy that offers great advantages in the organization of resources, the establishment of shelter and the modification of combat elements. The exploration of the most varied game modes, including the campaign modes and the modes of God, the progression and the unlocking of new turrets, and the use of random strategies is all essential to get the most out of this game exceptional. In this modification, you will have access to all accessories, tools, weapons and steps previously locked, as well as the new game modes and the exceptional improvements of your financial options.

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