TIDAL Music v2.96.0 APK + MOD [Plus Unlocked/HiFi] for Android

TIDAL Music v2.96.0 APK + MOD [Plus Unlocked/HiFi] for Android

IntroductionTidal Music Mod Apk applications lists all the songs you can listen to. Many of your favorite songs are in this processor. There is no separate protocol for the use of the application. Any

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5.0 ( 559 ratings )
Price: $0
Name TIDAL Music
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Apps
Size 60 MB
Version v2.96.0
Update Sunday, May 19, 2024
TIDAL Music is the most famous version in the TIDAL Music series of publisher
Mod Version v2.96.0


Tidal Music Mod Apk applications lists all the songs you can listen to. Many of your favorite songs are in this processor. There is no separate protocol for the use of the application. Anyone can use this application to meet their needs. This means that people from all walks of life, young and old, can use this processor. You get a better experience when listening to each song. Experience will teach a great lesson in everyone’s life. Listening to songs and melodies that are soft to your ears brings back a memory of something. There are many changes in your mind when listening to each song.


Your mind will need peace of mind when you are under work pressure like this now. Then your mind will become very quiet when you use and listen to your favorite songs. Happiness and peace of mind are opportunities to create all these elements ourselves. Take advantage of this type of opportunities and take full advantage of your favorite songs. The Tidal Music application was published last time by Google Play Store in 2014. The next step is a company called Tidal which has installed and installed its version.

The Tidal Music Mod Apk application gives you a clear idea of ​​the songs you want. Usually when you listen to songs, you feel a new type of feeling. When you feel a new feeling, your mind will reach a very calm state. So you can take yourself to a peaceful state by listening to the songs and the music that come with this application. Noise plays an essential role in songs. In this sense, sounds will vary in this application according to the song. This application has the ease of keeping the sounds of the high and low song regardless of the size you want. Music is a favorite of everyone. This means that you have to focus a lot on this music. Music is what brings back your old memories to life. Some kinds of songs help you relive all your beautiful memories. This application will meet all the requirements of your songs. You can use this application at any time anywhere. Precisely, you can listen to all kinds of songs watching.


Listen offline anywhere.

The Tidal Music Mod Apk application allows you to easily listen to your favorite music and songs from anywhere, by using this application. Music is a favorite of all kinds of people. One. In this way, you can use them effectively while giving music for free. This list gives you countless songs for free. The ability of users to create their favorite music and songs is most impressive. The lyrics of each song make you feel the most beautiful meaning beyond the imagination. This means you can listen to any offline song. He presents all kinds of favorite music and songs. Its unique character lies in how each type of music reminds you of every particular moment. You can share words with others. This means that if you think you have to listen to songs while you are going somewhere, you can immediately use this processor to listen to the songs you want to listen to quickly. If you first understand the nature of the songs, you can take advantage of these songs.

Different types of songs

The Tidal Music Mod Apk application covers a wide variety of songs. Seventy million songs are in this application. That is to say the most romantic songs, love songs, successful songs, comedy songs, love failures, hot songs, hero songs, songs of ‘heroine, the songs of Ilayaraja, the Ar Rahman songs, the Anirudh songs and the English songs. It has the ease of listening to many types of songs in your favorite way. If you want to hear sad songs, you can listen to these songs. Your mind if you think you should be very silent, you can listen to funny songs. If you want to listen to love songs, you can also search and listen to these songs.


This means that you can hear it in the songs many different types of poets. You can listen to songs with actors like Mgr and Shivaji Ganesan in your favorite way. With this application, you can listen to any song in this world. You can listen to Tamil songs and other types of language songs. It has the ease of listening to your favorite songs in any language like English songs, Malayalam, Telugu. There is no separate time limit to listen to songs.

Songs without advertising

The Tidal Music Mod Apk application allows you to listen to your favorite songs without advertising. When you use a website in general, and you think you want to see an event, something called advertising will arise between the moment you visit it. 2 and more announcements arrive before watching a video. But when you use this application, it does not come with any of these announcements. TV You can watch all kinds of song emissions on this processor. This means you have the installation to watch a live show. You can look at all the songs and musical performance included at your convenience. Includes more than 80 million audio views. 350,000 videos that you can watch from anywhere as a practice for your convenience. This will teach you a great experience while listening to all types of music. If you have a message without advertising, you can use it effectively and listen to your favorite songs. You can use the opportunities you offer to listen to music and songs as you see fit.


High quality

The Tidal Music Mod Apk application offers high quality audio listening. You can listen to more than 360 reality in this section. High quality HD is used in this. You can keep the quality as you judge. You can adjust it on 120p, 240p, 360p, 780p and 1080p depending on the installations of your website. This is why you can all download the Tidal Music application from the Google Play Store and enjoy your favorite music and songs.

Overall, we have covered all the detailed information on Tidal Music Mod Apk. It is an exciting music player with many features. Use this musical application to listen to all the songs at any time. Use the multiple theme collection to apply to music players. Each unique detail has been well improved in this music player. You have seen many boring advertisements from the original version of the application. Use our MOD version to obtain the application without free advertising. Download the latest MOD version from the article below the available links.

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