Toy Blast MOD APK v13528 [Unlimited Money/Lives/Boosters]

Toy Blast MOD APK v13528 [Unlimited Money/Lives/Boosters]

IntroductionThe kind of dazzling game was the past, in the present, and is about to be the new future, because we can see billions of downloads on these games today. Many features make this game most

Android Android Games
5.0 ( 724 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Toy Blast
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Games
Size 150 MB
Version v13528
Update Saturday, May 18, 2024
Toy Blast is the most famous version in the Toy Blast series of publisher
Mod Version v13528


The kind of dazzling game was the past, in the present, and is about to be the new future, because we can see billions of downloads on these games today. Many features make this game most adorable, such as the large animated interface and the exceptional complementary modules in the game. In addition, these games assure us of the never boring interface, containing thousands of levels of play. C C ‘is one of the most enthusiastic Android games based on the puzzle genre, developed by the well -known game developer Brand Peak. Peak has created many confusing games, such as Toon Blast, Lost Bubble, Lost Jewels and the most exceptional creation, Toy Blast. You can download this game on any Android or iOS smartphone and enjoy the candy popping interface, with animated characters and hundreds of additional modules! Apart from that, you can also use the same blog to download the modified Toy Blast version, named Toy Blast Mod Apk. Below, you will get the link to download Toy Blast Mod Apk, and then you can take advantage of most additional paid game modules and many premium features exclusive for free. So stop waiting and download Toy Blast Mod Apk ASAP!

Hey, players! We are finally here to make you feel surprised by a dazzling Android game. It is one of the most profitable Android puzzle games in the matching genre, where you are supposed to burst the same colored puzzles and the full levels by making the highest scores. Well, there are millions of these games on the Google Play Store, ready to offer you lasting pleasure, but Toy Blast is the game developed so that you never feel bored. So, if you are ready to start, you can download the Blast Toy game on Google Play Store, and in exchange, it will offer you the best game interface. This is a game of Android Puzzle the biggest # 3 On the Google Play Store set and offers a papa candy game interface. It is over the time you have been estimated to correspond and exchange the candies, because the simplicity these days is improved, and all you need is to support them!

Toy Blast MOD APK

Take advantage of more than 4,500 exclusive game levels to never get bored

It will seem surprising or simply impossible, but believe me, the Android Blast Toy game will offer you more than 4,500 levels in the game. Yes, it’s half of Candy Crush, but we believe in quality over time, Not to the amount of old age. All this means that you never get bored by playing this game, because more than 4,500 levels take over from an entire year to end. In addition, the difficulty increases within the competition at each level of gameplay. So start this complete configuration from today, download Toy Blast Mod Apk!

Play the most adorable events as well as the Legends Arena on a global scale

Fortunately, Toy Blast not only offers simplistic offline game levels, but also organizes online game events for all enthusiasts. Yeah, you have it of course! Online events inside the game are part that will never be annoyed because online means friends and a global gameplay. In other words, you will challenge all your friends and the random world player inside the Legends Arena, and you can also beat them all in the world ranking by winning the highest scores by level. Start an influential game today!

Win the exclusive rewards with the statement of daily challenges

Events as a reward enter the game only a few weeks! But that does not mean that you have counted to die of hunger without rewards every day. Basically, the game will offer you daily challenges during these weeks. These daily challenges are made up of simplistic missions, such as POP 20 Yellow Candies, filling a level in one minute and all these difficult tasks. You can carry out these missions and claim free parts, lives, add-ons and many other things. Stop waiting and download Toy Blast Mod Apk ASAP!

Toy Blast MOD APK

Download the Modded version to make premium fun on the same game

We know that you all start from a colossal interval inside the toys explosion to fill your levels, collect power-ups and finish the game levels. And to help you get out of this problem, we have Developed the modified version of Toy Blast – Tou Blast Mod Apk! It is the most recent version of Toy Blast, containing all the exceptional levels designed in 2021 and all advanced events. The MODDE version will grant you Complementary Premium boosters and Life at stake for free. In addition, this variant is an asset without 100%interruption, so you are not stuck between the videos during reading. Prepare yourself now to take advantage of all the ardent play features and empty all your problems in a bac; Download Toy Blast MOD APK!

Use the infinite powerful additional modules for the most difficult levels

The complementary modules are the right of Android Puzzle games because they help a lot in terms of hard and very hard. While you have seen a lot of complementary boosters inside the famous Puzzle of the World, Candy Crush Saga, like Rainbow Candy, here you will also observe such boosters. It contains boosters such as forest, train, vaccine, bucket and brush to help you burst the candies more simply. Now, if you use the official version, you will have to fight infinite to collect these additional modules. At the same time, Toy Blast Mod Apk gives you powerful powerful boosters for free. Yeah, of course you! You are no longer necessary to die of hunger in difficult levels because these days, you can download Toy Blast Mod Apk and enjoy the pleasure!

Enjoy infinite life without recharge in the game, never

According to the same phenomenon as the Candy Crush series, Toy Blast also contains the Lives Protocol. If you don’t know, you buy five lives here, which can only be filled after having taken 3-4 hours after being lost. Well, you can also change the time and date of your device, but most of the time seem boring! Ignore this fatal phenomenon simply by clicking on the link below and downloading Toy Blast Mod Apk. The modified version is about to offer you unique features in infinite life. Yeah, of course you! You can now play infinite the Toy Blast Mod Apk and give your 100% to try at each level!

End the fully unlocked shopping menu containing bizarre chests

If you have never played a game of toys before, you will not know that hundreds of things in the shopping menu are locked and can only be done after reaching a level of play required. Now, if you want to acquire all these things without wasting a single dollar in your pocket, you must download Toy Blast Mod Apk. This modified version offers you the completely unlocked shopping menu so that you can simply enjoy free items without struggle. Stop fighting and start using shiny stuff!

Toy Blast MOD APK

Transform your entertaining gameplay into a cycle not interrupting forever

Suppose you burst all the candies inside the Blast Toy game accordingly, and instantly an advertisement appeared while you were about to meet the funniest character in the game. In this scenario, you will feel damn bored , and you won’t feel happy, even after looking at this character. So stop ignoring these video and banner advertisements and download Toy Blast Mod Apk. The modified version contains a 100% interface without advertising which will offer you an area without interruption entirely to make memories with the game!

Are you ready to play the most profitable Android game n ° 3 in the most enthusiastic way you have ever played before! If yes, download Toy Blast Mod Apk! The modified version has been developed for all lovers of games feeling the need for endless lives, boosters and the game interface without advertising. So download Toy Blast Mod Apk and enjoy all these things for free!

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