Xender MOD APK v13.2.3.Prime (Unlocked/AD Free) free for android

Xender MOD APK v13.2.3.Prime (Unlocked/AD Free) free for android

IntroductionXender MOD APK is the best Android file sharing tool. A press to share the most extensive files with another device with a flash speed. Easier to transfer files to other devices. Share mus

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5.0 ( 107 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Xender
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Apps
Size 20 MB
Version v13.2.3.Prime
Update Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Xender is the most famous version in the Xender series of publisher
Mod Version v13.2.3.Prime


Xender MOD APK is the best Android file sharing tool. A press to share the most extensive files with another device with a flash speed. Easier to transfer files to other devices. Share music, videos, images, documents and any format file capable of sharing. No need for an internet connection to transfer files. By sharing files without internet connection. In addition, the application has never used the data pack during file transfer. It is not downloading the cloud, so there are no more data packs. From mobile generations of the keyboard, Bluetooth could share and receive files. Now he has been completely changed. Up to 200x Speed ​​Share of files better than Bluetooth. The Xender file sharing team has developed Xender MOD APK. The transfer speed is based on the WiFi transfer speed of your device. Generally all devices receive files up to 40 Mbps. Currently, the application supports different platforms. Use this application to share all the files with all the other platforms available. Windows, Mac, iOS, Tizen and Android platforms are currently supporting this application. No more USB cable required for transfer; Only wireless transfer only occurs in the application. 100 million + users installed this application on Android. Up to 200 million + files have been successfully shared daily.

Xender MOD APK

The speed is essential to transfer a file to other platforms. Xender MOD APK offers a flash speed transfer for its users. Each user can share files at Lightning speed. If the video or the file has more minors, it will be shared in a second. Most devices get a speed up to 40 Mbps. The speed is mainly based on the connection of the sender and the wireless receiver. The network sharing speed notifications will appear on the notification bar. How many files of shared amounts of animation details appeared on the upper screen of the application. The entertainment animation is like a line bar. Note the line bar to understand the details of the transferred data.

Send large files

No limitation size during file transfer in Xender MOD APK. In Bluetooth sharing, you are limited to sharing files with others because it has a limited bandwidth. But this application allows the user to be able to send any size of the file without limitation. Some sharing file applications have rejected sharing due to file size problems. In addition, some other applications need root devices to share larger files. But this application does not provide limited options and restrictions. You can share any file size with other devices without having any problems. No root is required during file transfer. Before transferring the file, the application analyzes the storage of the receiver’s device.

No more data connection

Xender Mod APK allows users to be able to share files without the need for an internet connection. During file transfer, I never needed an internet connection. Loading online cloud files requires only an interconnection. This application sharing method finally occurs in offline mode. The sender and the receiver have never needed an internet connection and a data pack. Authorize the storage section on the application to obtain all the details of the file manager in the application. The files and documents never are selectable. So choose the sharing files for the transfer. The selection of multiple elements is available, so choose several files before sending. After the selection, the items will display the total size and will never need the full -size internet.

Xender MOD APK

Share all format files.

Some of the applications support limited file formats for transferring files to another device. Xender MOD APK supports all types of formats to share files with others. The restriction rules are never followed in this section. Transfer all format files such as documents, music and image. Videos, applications, games and much more. The limitation also did not follow during any file training. The application supports several formats and certain formats are open in the application. The integrated video player was also available for the application. In addition, the music player has been integrated. Before sharing audio and video files, you can preview them with integrated tools.

Convert mp3

Ender Mod Apk offers a COVERT MP3 function of the application. Convert all MV format files into MP3 format No need for another application for audio conversion. Convert audio files to MP3 files much faster. A press to convert the audio file to MP3. Because most devices do not support MV format files. So use this application to convert MV files to MP3 format. After conversion, he will support any music player, including the Xender music player. Modify the voice recorder in the ringtone and change the device ringtones. No more exhausting battery during conversion to MP3.

Xender Mod APK supports users who can download Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp videos. After authorizing permission to the application, explores the WhatsApp state in the application. You can save it on your device or share it directly with other users. Never lose quality during installation. HD quality status appears on the application. Also download Facebook and Instagram videos for free. Please share the video link with Xer to import the URL video. Currently, the application supports these two multimedia platforms only. On the coming days, he will support many platforms.

Smartphone replication

When the user buys a new device, the user must transfer all data from the old phone. Most of the time, each application shares a file such as documents, videos, images, zip, game and applications only. But Xender Mod APK allows users to share contacts, call history, emails, newspapers, music, videos and much more. He will therefore help you in any critical situation, following simple steps to receive all files in new phones.

Xender MOD APK

Overall, we have covered all the detailed information on Xender MOD APK. This is an excellent application for those who like to share files with others. It will help save the size of your Internet data pack and waste transfer time such as Slash speed animation. You only need a WiFi connection and a Hotspot connection to send and receive files. The application shared up to 40 Mbps of speed during file sharing. From the original version, you must see several advertisements. Also need the premium version to remove advertisements. Use our MOD version to get a free premium version. Download our MOD version from the available links of the item below.

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