Xingtu v8.7.1 APK + MOD [Premium/VIP Unlocked] for Android

Xingtu v8.7.1 APK + MOD [Premium/VIP Unlocked] for Android

IntroductionWhether you want to make exact changes, improve colors or add filters, the Xingtu photo editor has covered you. The Xingtu photo editor has covered you. With the help of this essential equ

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5.0 ( 734 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Xingtu
Publisher Beijing Yanxuan Technology.
Genre Apps
Size 121 MB
Version v8.7.1
Update Thursday, May 23, 2024
Xingtu is the most famous version in the Xingtu series of publisher
Mod Version v8.7.1


Whether you want to make exact changes, improve colors or add filters, the Xingtu photo editor has covered you. The Xingtu photo editor has covered you. With the help of this essential equipment, you can pass your photograph to the next level and release your complete creative potential. The installation of the Xingtu photo editor will immediately allow you to experience the enchantment of having a professional caliber editor at your disposal. Unlock power to delete the backgrounds effortlessly, create incredible collages of images, develop stickers and fascinating fonts and infuse your photographs with a touch of elegance with a single button. We are delighted to present our fantastic Xingtu photo editing tools, which include an ideal balance of strength and ease of use. You will have no problem transforming your photographs into breathtaking works of art if you use our advanced features. Prepare to get out of your creative shell in a way that you would never have thought possible! Feel magic when you effortlessly apply effects, filters and fashionable frames to your images that bring them to new peaks. We are delighted to present Xingtu Photo Editor, the best solution available to display your work in a breath without using watermark. You can effortlessly share your high resolution masterpieces on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Tiktok and more thanks to its transparent connection.

Create impressive works of art

Using the Xingtu photo editor, you can put limits behind you and let your creative side pass. Never before, it has been possible to immerse yourself in the hypnotic world of hypin photography. Your everyday moments can become spectacular masterpieces with the help of our team of skilled photographers, who are there. We will capture its mind using advanced techniques and the artistic vision that we have. Take advantage of all the wonderful entirely free advantages!

Fashionable filters, effects and frames

Find a huge variety of intriguing frames, filters and overlays on Tiktok which are modeled after the most popular trends in the platform. We are delighted to present our big assortment of fashionable photo effects that will bring out the best of your photos. You can make your regular images look like exceptional works of art by simply clicking a few buttons on your computer. Take advantage of the enchantment of our blurred effect, which will give an air of mystical and attraction to the photographs you take. Or let your imagination be unleashed with our splash effect, which will blow up the colors on the page and produce a spectacular visual impression.

Unexpected effects and transitions

Are you looking for something more distinctive? With the help of our mosaic effect, you can transform your photographs into a beautiful patchwork of different colors and shapes. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg! The incredible power of HSL and adjustment is now at hand! You have access to a wide variety of catchy upgrades, which you can use to give your photos a look that has never been seen before. You can improve the appearance of your graphics with only a few easy modifications, such as annoying clarification, the addition of dramatic contrast, the intensification of vibrant colors, the creation of a convincing vignette, the improvement of The sharpness, the adjustment of fine whites, the infusion of your photographs with intriguing shades and perfect an exhibition.

Basic edition at an advanced level for you

HSL and adjustment allow you to release your creativity while revealing the full potential of your photographs. You can quickly reframe and rotate your photographs without any hassle, or you can take advantage of the simplicity of time saving predefined filters which are modeled after popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. You can easily change the appearance of your photographs by erasing the background and replacing it with everything that reflects your own sense of artistic expression. With the help of our advanced technologies, you have access to a wide selection of more than a hundred breathtaking background, which allows you to completely personalize your images and distinguish them from the rest of the crowd.

Transition context, themes and much more

Explore the countless ways in which the background can be manipulated and let your imagination be unleashed in the process. Let your imagination be unleashed with our Insta photo background tool 1: 1 square and blurry! This game change tool, which is perfectly suited for Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms, will increase the graphics you create at the next level. Say goodbye to uninteresting and banal backgrounds, and welcome to a universe filled with countless possible options. Your presence on social networks can be high and your audience can be captivated using attractive and catchy photographs that will let them want more of what you have to offer.

Stickers, publishers, emojis and adjustments on your way

Use the power of our advanced technology to your advantage and transform your photographs into works of art. Prepare to revolutionize your external appearance with our revolutionary body editor! Pass your selfies to the upper level with this delicious collection of adorable and fun stickers! Release your creativity by having the ability to draw and easily add attractive text using a wide variety of beautiful fonts. You will have access to a large police library. <br> We are delighted to present our fantastic collage manufacturer, which is delivered with more than a hundred arrangements of catchy photos and backgrounds!

Last words

Download Xingtu and take advantage of the power of your incredible high resolution photographs on a variety of different platforms. Present your visual talents in all their splendor on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or even Whatsapp. Each pixel must be used to attract attention, evoke wonder and make an impression that will remain. Lift the bar for yourself on social networks and make your photos shine as they have never done it before. It’s time for you to make a statement with your photograph; The world is ready to be fascinated by the high resolution beauties you capture.

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