Zombie Shooter MOD APK v3.4.4 (Unlimited Money/Free Skills)

Zombie Shooter MOD APK v3.4.4 (Unlimited Money/Free Skills)

IntroductionZombie Shooter Mod Apk is the best game based on action and filming on Android. The game was published by the Sigma team and obtains millions of facilities. First of all, the Sigma team la

Android Android Action
5.0 ( 393 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Zombie Shooter
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Action
Size 117 MB
Version v3.4.4
Update Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Zombie Shooter is the most famous version in the Zombie Shooter series of publisher
Mod Version v3.4.4


Zombie Shooter Mod Apk is the best game based on action and filming on Android. The game was published by the Sigma team and obtains millions of facilities. First of all, the Sigma team launched this game on PC, and most PC players love to play this game. After the huge victory, the game developer launches the game on Android platforms. Now all PC players will turn into Android game. Compared to the PC version, the game has changed graphics, improvements and more. Take the perfect weapon and join the great battle to destroy the zombies to reuse the world. After playing this game, you will remember many different zombie attack games.

Zombie Shooter MOD APK

Zombie Shooter Mod Apk is similar to other zombie shooting games on the Android platform. Many zombies surround the world. Now, global conditions are close to the danger. Each ordinary people is converted into a zombie. Now you only balance man without being affected by the zombie. Use dangerous weapons to attack zombies in each wave. The zombies are there for many places to eat the mind of man. Yes, they will love to eat the human brain. If you want to save the world of zombies, use the weapon to destroy all zombies. After finishing each wave, you will receive rewards from the game.

Pull the zombies

In Zombie Shooter Mod Apk, weapons only help attack zombies. The health of the players appeared on the screen. So, each time, the player must watch Health Point. Because the player is faster to lose his health when these zombies attack the player. In classic zombie games, the player has to face zombies limited in a single wave. But this game is not similar to these games. At the same time, the player has to face 100 zombies. No easier to manage situations. Prepare the weapon at any time and pull ideally. Zombies appear in 360 -degree paths. Use higher damage to win each wave.

Zombie Shooter MOD APK

Complete waves

No easier to finish each wave of Zombie Shooter Mod Apk. Because similar zombies have no stable spirit, they will have to attack humans to eat brain. Brian gives only power to zombies. So they came to get your brain. Don’t worry and you can buy a weapon at the store. Complete each wave to win more awards. The awards mainly help buy new weapons. Improve your arms, the capacity of weapons using money. When you, at the same time, 100 zombies, have a lot of trouble managing the situation. The game will therefore provide additional power to destroy all zombies at the same time.

Discover new places

Zombie Shooter Mod Apk provides many new living zombies. Travel to a new place to destroy all zombies. Complete each place to receive experience. Simple games and a simple gameplay will not give more experience. Yes, the cards are made with simple classic graphics. Compared to other zombie games, it is very simple to play and finish missions by fulfilling the missions provided to receive additional rewards. These awards help unlock new weapons from the store. Use higher damage weapons to treat zombies in a single wave. Zombies at the coming level are upgraded and have more power to defeat you.

Zombie Shooter MOD APK


Zombie Shooter Mod Apk is delivered with three different modes of firefighters. These three modes are the campaign, the survival and the stand of firearms. These three modes are made with different exciting modes. When the player starts playing the same mode every time, the player will be bored more quickly. The game developer therefore planned to launch several exciting modes for more attractive. Campaign mode continuous level per level. It has no end and many tasks are provided in this mode. The developer has made a mode of survival with unlimited zombies. There are hundreds of zombies that come at the same time. Then, inside the game, made the pistol support mode with a standard weapon. Take the fight to resist and attack the zombies in a standing place.

Character and skills

Currently, Zombie Shooter Mod Apk takes care of certain different characters. This character has different skills and power. After defeating many zombies on the additional power button appeared. Click on the power button to the new additional power that came from the game character. It is very powerful to attack all the zombies at the same time. By improving character and skills using money. Each upgrade of the character character, the health point of health also increases. The power of skills has also improved and it is easier to destroy all zombies by competence.

Zombie Shooter MOD APK


Zombie Shooter Mod Apk graphics are made with classic and simple 3D graphics. More eye -catching elements and objects are added to the game. We have examined many Android games on the graphics. But this game does not have much more catchy graphics. Compensal updates, the game developer must update the game graphics. But the player can more easily find zombies at 360 degree locations. Inside the game, they have well optimized the character system to be created. Most former PC players addicted to the game because most PC players like to play this game for a few years.

Overall, we have covered all the detailed information on Zombie Shooter Mod Apk. It is an excellent game to attack zombies using weapons an exciting action game to play on Android. The game developer has no longer added addictive graphics to the game. But the sound quality and the sound calendar was well made by the game developer. According to the original version of the game, you must finish all levels forget money. Use our MOD version to get unlimited instant money for free. Download the MOD version from below the links of the available article.

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