Zombie Tsunami v4.5.132 MOD APK (Money, Unlocked all, Max Level)

Zombie Tsunami v4.5.132 MOD APK (Money, Unlocked all, Max Level)

IntroductionZombie Tsunami Mod Apk is the best arcade game and its old game. A proverb available for one is \ Old is Gold \. Yeah, we accept this proverb. The game has sold, but the characters and the

Android Android Arcade
5.0 ( 853 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Zombie Tsunami
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Arcade
Size 68 MB
Version v4.5.132
Update Friday, May 17, 2024
Zombie Tsunami is the most famous version in the Zombie Tsunami series of publisher
Mod Version v4.5.132


Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk is the best arcade game and its old game. A proverb available for one is \ “Old is Gold \”. Yeah, we accept this proverb. The game has sold, but the characters and the levels inside the game are more interesting. When you start to play this game, the level of excitement never decreases until the end of the game. From the launch time, the game has no more users. After the days, many people liked to play this game every day. In addition, it will become an essential game on the Android platform. In most zombie games on Android, the player must kill zombies of all levels. This is a common thing for the game of each zombie. But Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk does not have this thing. In this game, the player changed characters like zombies and needed to destroy all living people. When you beat several people, the player can make more army of zombies. The level to come, humans return to the defeat of zombies using high sustainable weapons. So increase the army of zombies to defeat everyone in each new wave.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK comes with a unique gameplay method. No more difficult to learn about gameplay. When you start playing, you will arrive with a zombie. Attack cities to meet and eat all humans through the use of zombies. Each wave, you must meet many zombies and rewards are provided. From the game, the solitary zombie will help attack the humans of the city. After receiving more money to improve zombies. After upgrading you, receive an additional zombie for the army. A maximum of 5 zombies is available for your army. Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk is made with endless fashions like Run and Subway Surfers temple. There is no limit to your endless race with the zombie army. The tracks to come, the player has to face most distraction obstacles, and that is not for the player. Cross the very distracting obstacles by jumping and running at high speed. The perfect control of zombies is the main point of the player. Do not make any mistakes at the end of the level. Otherwise, your armies are defeated in a second. Avoid all dangerous obstacles for zombie safety. Go to the slopes and eat a second on the track.

Eat your friends

In Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk, the funniest thing is to eat your friends. After connecting your Facebook account to this game, the game displayed your friend’s photos on the human head side. At the top of human heads, your friend’s images appear in the square box. Simply run with your zombie army to eat your friends, generally, overcome humans. No special skill is necessary to attack friends in the game. In addition, this feature is currently working for those who have connected Facebook accounts to this game. This time, you will have the funniest time while beating the face of your friend.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

Travel in the world

The developer Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk has played the game with many background styles. These background styles are based on available countries. The player will see the different types of horizons in each level of play, and the graphics are incredible. Each level bottom is made colorful, and this has a unique animation. Never get bored soon by playing at every level. New scenarios will make you more dependent. Never miss the game with different scenarios.

No more zombies

Each player can eat the p [the peoples of the next path. But much more difficult to eat other obstacles. If you need to eat these available items, you must have many armed zombies to eat. First of all, you need to understand why zombies attack humans? The answer is that zombies need the human brain for their development. All available zombies need. So follow the instruction to create more zombie army to defeat all objects. The items in the trash need two zombies and defeat the trash to win pieces and brains. Everything was provided in Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk as awards. A car is a prominent object, so it must need four zombies and receive a brain. The bus needs eight armed zombies and you will receive two brains by destroying the bus. The tank vehicle needs 12 armed zombies and the player receives three brains. Finally, the vast object is a plane, and it will need 16 zombies. After destroying the plane, you receive four brains.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

Qualified zombies

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK provides skills use features to each player. Ideally, use the skill at the right time. But the players used this skill for a limited period only. Because sometimes the NED player faces more complicated situations using the competence provided to satisfy the critical situation. The skills Giantz, Ninja, Gold, Quarterback, Tsunami, Dragon, Balloon and UFO are available in this game. The skills of each character contain a characteristic of destroying unique. Choose the right competence to defeat all humans.


The Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk graphics are made with 3D animation graphics. No delay on graphic animation. The game developer has designed things, zombies and obstacles. Each element is made catchy. Thus, the quality of the graphics never decreases. Hats to the game developer for providing these fantastic animations to everyone. The sounds are also made of high quality, and the funniest sound makes you happier.

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK

Overall, we have covered all the detailed information on Zombie Tsunami MOD APK. This fantastic game in the Arcade category. There are many zombie games available on Google Play. But this game is completely different from other available zombie games. Try this game to make a new army of zombies and eat your friends. According to the original version of the game, you are limited to using silver and gold. Use our MOD version to obtain free money and gold for free. Download the MOD version from the article below the available links.

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