Anger of stick 5 MOD APK v1.1.84 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Anger of stick 5 MOD APK v1.1.84 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

IntroductionThe anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk is the best action game with great pleasure. There are many games available in Google Play Store. It is one of the best action games with a combination of tact

Android Android Action
5.0 ( 939 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Anger of stick 5
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Action
Size 42 MB
Version v1.1.84
Update Sunday, May 12, 2024
Anger of stick 5 is the most famous version in the Anger of stick 5 series of publisher
Mod Version v1.1.84


The anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk is the best action game with great pleasure. There are many games available in Google Play Store. It is one of the best action games with a combination of tactics. The name of the game developer is cowon. They have already launched four games of this game. After direct victory, the application developer launched the fifth version with the upgrade. From the first version to the fourth version, many things seem very simple. Now, this fifth version has been upgraded with the latest features and conceptions.

Anger of stick 5 mod apk

The anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk was made with a simple scenario base. One of the best hidden places in a city, the stranger appeared. They plan to use their experimental tools on innocent people. They will target innocent people to use their experienced activities. After trying the experience, many innocent peoples escaped due to non-affection. But a guy was hit and he turned into a powerful zombie. He enters an aggressive mood and attacks all people. You are the main character and you have to defeat the zombie to prevent the city.

Easy to play

The anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk contains simple control buttons and is easy to complete each mission. When users start playing the game, they will start with the Stickman. Stickman has no colorful face or structured body. It contains a black body similar to a body with a complete head and linear look. Play and control the character using the joystick keys. Check the character with function keys, and you can move and jump the character. Many combat and action games contain a control button similar to this game. Thus, users can play this game with the control of other action games.

The anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk provides many weapons with different styles. Firearms, knives and more weapons appear in order to come. Without weapons, you cannot finish the level, and not as easy to defeat zombies. Because the upcoming zombies are made with high power. You must need a high -capacity and damage pistol to defeat zombies. In addition, the player has to look for six allies for each match. But with three allies, you can easily search. These three allies will help the player finish the current level.

Anger of stick 5 mod apk

Gameplay, fascinating levels and modes

The anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk is delivered with an exciting gameplay and many levels. When you start the game the first time, the levels are much easier to finish. At future levels, users have to face many critical situations and difficulties. Currently, the game supports up to 60 levels available to play. Each level is made with different scenarios and difficulties. Each level gives many challenges for the player. According to the upper levels, the player thought and used tactics to win the level.

Inside the game, there are many exciting levels available. Fighting with zombies to cross the same level is much easier. Try the many new levels to increase your capacities and increase your power of mind. The anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk gives many difficult modes of survival to each player. Fill out the survival challenges to receive unlimited rewards. Use massive weapons and significant damage gives weapons to defeat the next zombies.

Anger of stick 5 mod apk


Angry from Stick 5 Mod APK, the weapons are essential to finish the level. Each zombie in terms of difficulty is made with high power. When you are touched by zombies, the HP level of the player decreases more. For future levels, the player must upgrade current weapons. These weapons are easy to take up the many challenges. The anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk is delivered with the currency mode and the gems. Use these exchange methods to improve your weapons and various equipment. The currency is the most important for upgrading your equipment. To upgrade your weapons using level challenges and rewards. Each level completed, the player receives many awards for upgrades and buys new weapons. Try our MOD version to get an unlimited currency without waiting to receive rewards.


Far of Stick 5 MOD APK made with simplified graphics to their users. Most users of low -end devices can play this game without being late. Not bad on the graphics because the developer focused entirely on the action. They made games for entertainment and the levels are available up to 60. After finishing the level, the game landed and the player must start from the first. The developer applied the calculation of physics and gameplay based on fundamental physics.

Anger of stick 5 mod apk

Overall, we have covered all the detailed information on the anger of Stick 5 Mod Apk. It is a fantastic game with many survival challenges. Answer difficult challenges with your talented tactics. At the upcoming levels, the player can face complex survival challenges. According to the original version, you must wait for the rewards for the upgrading of weapons. Use our MOD version to upgrade and buy new weapons instantly. In addition, we have deleted unwanted advertisements in the game. Download the MOD version from the available items below.

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