Papers Grade Please MOD APK v3.5.1 [Unlimited Money/Many Levels]

Papers Grade Please MOD APK v3.5.1 [Unlimited Money/Many Levels]

IntroductionGrade Please Mod Apk papers is an entertaining game application published by Lion Studios. The game is to be in the character of a great teacher because you can interact with the children

Android Android Casual
5.0 ( 936 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Papers Grade Please
Publisher Lion Studios.
Genre Casual
Size 94 MB
Version v3.5.1
Update Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Papers Grade Please is the most famous version in the Papers Grade Please series of publisher
Mod Version v3.5.1


Grade Please Mod Apk papers is an entertaining game application published by Lion Studios. The game is to be in the character of a great teacher because you can interact with the children who are your students and you must give them brands according to their learning skills so that players can enjoy the incredible trip here ‘Be a teacher. By playing this game, you should have a clear and intelligent state of mind because you are the one who will check the notes of your students and therefore you should have clear brain power. Children are generally very mean and some are very talented with a good sense of humor, so here you have to face all kinds of children, whether smart, funny or stupid. You will be able to see different types of responses written by your students while checking their response sheet after passing their test or an exam and your task is just to check the response sheet of each child with a complete concentration and a concentration because you are a talented teacher and if you make a mistake, the parents of the students will complain about the error you made when verifying the response sheet of their children.

Papers Grade Please MOD APK

You should know that everything your students have written in their answers are correct or it is false, you alone can be the perfect teacher, so the first thing in the game is to differentiate good and bad things. Teachers are allowed to give A and F to their students according to their notes which they acquire in their test or examination. Do not deal with the student’s funny answers because they will try to confuse you by writing anything on their response sheet and you must check the right answer and then give them marks if not if their answers are false, then make them fail .

Have fun being a teacher

When we were students, it was like a dream of becoming a teacher and doing it like our teachers. Over time, this feeling disappears when we interact with the real world and thus. Here we are with an incredible game game that allows you to make your fantasies or your desires to be a teacher and to classify your students according to their performance. This application allows you to become a teacher of primary school students where you affect them as projects and activities to be completed, then you note them in performance. In this way, the game progresses and offers you great content and a engaging gameplay.

Excellent and engaging gameplay with wide subjects

Class newspapers please Mod Apk is an exciting game that even attracts children to play the role of their teachers and manage average students. This engaging gameplay has exciting activities and a range of subjects to appreciate with students where you can assign work and tasks to them so that they can finish and you reward them with garden. There is really a wide variety of subjects and expertise to practice in the game such as general conscience, fundamental sciences, sociology, society, normal policy, economic conditions, historical history, food and plants, The environments and all these possible scenarios for students and have fun in the process.

Papers Grade Please MOD APK

Offer projects and quizs that students

You now have access to a wide range of features and tools that can be very useful for practice and performance sessions. It is an application that also motivates students to improve with studies, because you can offer materials to practice, then your items start. Where each student obtains notes according to their performance. So, given that you are the teacher who must draw questions, quizs and projects, you only have to check what is good and bad, then offer notes to students on this selection, then Get the application and enjoy its impressive features available for free.

Teach yourself and find out more to go with it!

In addition, your students should know mathematics, geography and English. Those who wrote the answers as geniuses, then your work is to teach them more things and help them prepare their college studies. The game offers various exclusive and exciting features to its users to take advantage of it and understands the simple and surprising gameplay to offer you a realistic experience. As you are the teacher in the game, your choices should be correct and there are many levels in the game to participate.

Papers Grade Please MOD APK


Class newspapers please MOD APK is a very attractive game application that allows its users to enjoy the incredible teacher’s trip by teaching good things to students. The game consists of various exciting steps where you can face the different classes and the different students. It’s a very interesting game and you can download it or install it on your Android from the Google Play Store. In addition, you can take advantage of access to the premium features of the papers note, please. The addictive gameplay of paper notes, please Modern Apk easily attracts people to him.

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