OG WhatsApp APK Download v19.41.1 (Latest Version) Official 2023

OG WhatsApp APK Download v19.41.1 (Latest Version) Official 2023

OG WhatsApp doesn't need to be introduced in this era of digitalization. It is one of the top, best and incredible social applications for communication today. No one can deny its importance as it has

Android Android Mod APK
5.0 ( 185 ratings )
Price: $0
Name OG WhatsApp
Publisher GBAPK
Genre Mod APK
Size 51.5 MB
Version 19.41.1
Update Tuesday, April 23, 2024
MOD Special Features
OG WhatsApp is the most famous version in the OG WhatsApp series of publisher
Mod Version 19.41.1

OG WhatsApp doesn’t need to be introduced in this era of digitalization. It is one of the top, best and incredible social applications for communication today. No one can deny its importance as it has 500M plus monthly active users all over the globe. WhatsApp is an official application owned by Facebook and developed by Meta Platforms that has been downloaded more than 5B times across the world.

As we all know, almost every top rated application has been modified to add some extra and premium features there. Hence, OG WhatsApp is one of the incredible modified versions of regular WhatsApp with many special and premium features. 

What is OG WhatsApp?

OG stands for Original Gangster, as OG WhatsApp APK has been modified with addition of advanced security and privacy features. It is considered as one of the reliable modified versions of original WhatsApp. Hide online status, download WhatsApp statuses, share a large number of files, delete already sent texts, set schedule time for messages and many more additional features of this third party application that make it really cool to use. 

Og Whatsapp
OG WhatsApp APK

APK Description

OGWhatsApp has an easy and friendly user interface that makes it unique from other modified versions. It is designed to get rid of problems related to the security and privacy concerns of the users. Though it is not developed by official developers and a third party application, it is still safe and secure to be used. It never harms or hurts your personal data and user’s privacy.

Therefore, users don’t need to be worried about their security. It is best for your personal and secondary account and casual chatting. OGWhatsApp APK is one of the best alternatives of regular WhatsApp applications due to the variety of innovation here. It really amazes its users with its cool and amazing features. 

OGWhatsApp Features

  • Status Saver

WhatsApp stories or status is really cool to express your current mood and emotions. Sometimes we watch the status or story of our friends and really like that image or video. But unable to download it in the official version. Now, you don’t go through the installation process of any third party application to download or save the status, as OG WhatsApp provides an incredible feature of status saving within the app. 

  • Anti-Ban Mod

There is a huge chance of being banned by official developers for installing and using any third party or modified version of the app. But, when you download the latest version of OG WhatsApp, there is no need to worry about banning your account as it is 100% secured from being banned. So, enjoy this awesome version without any worry. 

  • Message Scheduler

Sometimes, we forget to text a specific perspective at a time, like wishing the friend on his birthday on his day. And due to busy life, we go out of our minds. OG WhatsApp gives a unique feature of message scheduler. By this, you can type a text message and set specific time to send, and save this. By this, that message would automatically be sent to the receiver at the scheduled time.

So now, you would never forget to wish a friend’s birthday or any other important text. But this feature demands a strong Wi-Fi connection to stay in touch with your contacts without disturbing anyone’s personal and professional life. 

  • Block the Contact’s Calling

OG WhatsApp also facilitates its users by blocking and reporting any contact. If someone is irritating and disturbing, you can simply block their number. By this, you would never get any message or call by that side. 

  • Group Name Limit

WhatsApp provides the feature of making groups, so that you can communicate as much as people at a time but the problem is when your creativity has been limited at the time of group name. As WhatsApp gives only a 25 characters limit to set group names, that is not enough sometimes. But here in OGWhatsApp, you are free to show your creativity as it offers you the high character limit for group naming. 

  • Calling

It is compulsory to save the contact number before texting or calling that person in official WhatsApp. But here, this is not essential. As you can make calls and send messages to any number without saving the contact in your phonebook. 



  • Images Sharing Limit

WhatsApp is a best and secured source for sharing media files and others. But it binds the users by applying a sharing limit. You can send or receive only 30 images at a time. But here’s a great benefit is that users can send and receive up to 90 images at once. By this, you don’t need to go through that hectic process of sharing images separately. 

  • Password Security

OG WhatsApp is considered as secure and more private due to its advanced security features. Users are really enjoying this incredible spec. 

  • Anti-deleted Texts

It’s really fun when you read the messages that have been deleted by the sender. But users can’t enjoy this cool feature in official WhatsApp. There is no need to worry about this, as OG WhatsApp APK gives freedom to its users that they can read the deleted message. So by this anti-deleted messages feature, you can easily make fun with your friends. 

  • Customization

Official version seems boring sometimes, as you have to go through only the default green theme. But OG WhatsApp provides a variety of themes to be enjoyed. There are a lot of themes available according to users’ choice and present mood. Also, you can customize your WhatsApp as you want like changing font color, style and many more. 

  • Written Status Limits

There are limitations for written status in regular app. Because of this, sometimes you are unable to express your feelings completely due to a lack of words. But in OG WhatsApp, users have freedom to enjoy more than 250 characters limit for written status. Now, you can easily give words to your emotions.  

  • In-built Lock

It is one of the advanced features of OG WhatsApp. By this, you can secure your account by applying its in-built lock. Either set a password or pin code to make the account more private. You can now lock your whole account. By this, no one can access any of your chat or conversation without your permission.

  • Multiple Accounts 

Usually you can use only one account at a time in WhatsApp. But such hacked or clone versions are modified to get additional features, so there is a huge benefit of using dual accounts within the same OGWhatsApp at a time. By this, you can switch any of your accounts at any time. This feature makes two accounts easily accessible just at one place. 

New Updates in Latest Version 

  • You can now hide your online status. By this none of your contact would be able to detect your online presence 
  • Backup and recovery is one of the best features. By this, you can easily back and recover your data any time.
  • Variety of new emojis have been added here. By this, now visual experience has become more smooth. 
  • Unzip the images and other files
  • You can preview videos without downloading them. By this you can save your MBs. 
  • You can now share more file formats like eBooks. 
  • Enjoy glitches free experience due to fixing bugs.

How to Install OGWhatsApp?

OG WhatsApp supports only the Android operating system. For this, you have to download it through the website only, as it isn’t available at Google’s Play Store. To install OG WhatsApp APK, you have to follow these simple steps:

  • First, enable Unknown Sources within device Settings and App Security section, by this you would not get any notification before installing this third party application.
  • Now, click on the given Download link bar
  • Than, file starts to be downloaded
  • Now, open the device storage, and click on the download file to install the APK file of OGWhatsApp

After completion of this installation, the OGWhatsApp icon will appear on your phone. Now, open the app, add account number and meet other formalities and enjoy this awesome modified version of WhatsApp with surprising features.

Can I Use OGWhatsApp on PC?

By using an Android emulator, like BlueStacks or Noxplayer on a PC, you can install and use this OG WhatsApp on your desktop too. 

System Requirements for OGWhatsApp 

  • OGWhatsApp demands an Android version of minimum 5.
  • You have to allow external installation
  • It can be downloaded in both rooted and non rooted devices.

How to update OGWhatsApp?

As OG WhatsApp is not developed by official developers, hence you have to go through a procedure to update it. 

  • Click on the 3 dots at top right corner within the app
  • Now, go to the Settings and open the updates section
  • Click in the Checking For Update bar
  • By this, you would reach to the website of OG WhatsApp
  • Scroll that web page
  • There, you would get the bar of Download
  • Click on it to download the latest and updated version of OGWhatsApp
  • After completion of this loading, extract its APK file within storage of device

As the installation process completes, you would get the new and updated version of OGWhatsApp without loss of any data. 

Is OGWhatsApp Safe to Use?

It is safe to be installed. It is free from the presence of any virus, malware or Trojans. Users never report any security threat about this OGWhatsApp APK. 


OGWhatsAPP is an amazing and wonderful modified version of a regular app. Users are entertained by unlimited, extra and special features that really make this version a more trusted and reliable mod APK of WhatsApp. This is one of the best options to try something new and an exciting source of communication that provides a new and smooth experience of chatting.

You can easily download OGWhatsApp APK through our given download link as we always provide our readers with trusted sources only.  

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